88 Frenzy Fortune Slots

88 Frenzy Fortune Slots

88 Frenzy Fortune Slots is the poplar BetSoft title released in early 2021. With medium volatility and solid RTP of 96%, players clamor to 88 Frenzy Fortune Slots for the best in consistent rewards and high wagers! A max bet of 30 credits is allowed in 88 Frenzy Fortune Slots, yet newer players will be relieved to know that the minimum bet is a measly .6 credits per spin.

The neon coloration and synthetic background music pumps through players as they seek the brightest and most worthiest of symbols to match! The sound of the slot spin is so realistic it feels like one's really on the Vegas casino floor! This is a 3x3 reel with a singular bonus reel reserved for multipliers and bigger rewards. 88 Frenzy Fortune Slots is a game fully built around luck, from the lucky dual 8s in its title, to the only symbols in game being Wilds and Koi fish... yes Koi fish are very lucky!

The 3-D visuals and thumping background tunes are a focal point of this fun but simplistic game. The max winnings of 2,386x on a single wager is impressive, and finding the right multipliers and Koi fish isn't necessarily the most difficult thing to conquer. This is a split up grid, so players may not even attain matches on each turn. There are empty blocks throughout, so landing on matches big or small feels truly exhilarating!

Players who can cluster 3 of any symbol together will even net a win, it adds another layer of challenge that seems to be welcomed by most players. Symbols range from Koi fish, to the 88s Wild symbol, to the Silver, Gold, and Red 88 emblems in game. Reds are worth most and can offer over 175x a single wager when found in 3 of a kind! There's a lot to love with the neon backdrops and easy to play setup! The fixed reel is spun simultaneously with the main board, and seeing the bonuses it reveals can be just as exciting as the prizes itself!

Not landing on a secondary bonus for awhile can mean upping the ante, or using different strategies to earn massive prizes! There's no reason to hop in today and at least try the game risk free. Not even an email is required to try 88 Frenzy Fortune Slots, just jump in and use the over 1,000 free credits at your disposal. This is a basic yet addictive BetSoft title available at most popular online casinos and offering some of the best in return to player rewards!