Live Sports Betting - Bet in Play

Live in-play betting is growing and growing fast, of that there is no doubt. It’s been the big draw in many European sportsbooks for many years and US sportsbooks have taken a look at it, like what they saw and started to get those live lines going. A few books, have tinkered with it over the years, offering live betting for certain large events, but now all major US books will offer plenty of live wagering action, on a huge amount of games. This adds a whole new dimension on sports wagering, as you never need to miss out on the action, ever! It’s not just the fact that you get to place your bets after the start of the game either, it also gives you the chance to get out of losing bets, and bet your way back to a winner. Live betting opens up many possibilities and makes watching the game you love so much more entertaining. Sunday NFL action will no longer be the same again, and it’s not just NFL, you’ll find all major sports and more at US sportsbooks here on Web Wager.

The Pick of US Live Betting Sportsbooks

Bovada Live Betting is simply superb and you’ll find such a huge variety of games and wagering options available. As soon as you sign up to Bovada, just take a look at the live betting section and you’ll see the calendar of live betting options available, and it’s huge. If there’s a game on, then it will be available, and they even go so far as to show you the TV channel it’s on! They’ve taken speed into the equation too, as when betting in-play sometimes you need to be right on the money, and you can switch your live bet slip to single click mode meaning with just one click of a button, you have action. You can watch the lines fluctuate, and as soon as you like what you see, then get your bets on. It’s simple, it’s fun and it is so entertaining. BetOwi Live Betting is also a great option for sports wagering fans. As soon as you have signed up to BetOwi then you’ll be able to wager in-play on all major sporting events. You’ll find the live betting section on the main sportsbook page and with just a few clicks you are at your game and have your bets on. It’s a solid and simple wagering platform that is designed for speed - perfect for live betting. Betonline Live Betting again covers all angles and this extremely popular US sportsbook has come up with the goods again. The live in-play betting section is a visual treat, easy to navigate and allows for quick access to games and lines. You’ll see that clearly marked are Today's Events, Live Odds, Multi-Event, Calendar and under My Wagers you’ll see every bet that you have placed and your betting history. The My Wagers sections is fantastic due to the fact that live betting is so fast and furious you very often place a large number of wagers, especially on busy NFL Sundays, and keeping track of them is a must, and BetOnline Live Betting has you covered!