BetBaller Sportsbook

BetBaller is one of the remaining online sportsbooks that accepts bitcoin but also takes traditional forms of payment such as Visa, Skrill, and Neteller. The corporate tree of BetBaller can be a bit confusing because it is actually the home of Ball Sports Betting which is, in turn, a member of the HSB Sportsbook.

While this may sound like a laundering attempt reminiscent of back alley sportsbooks of decades ago, the blanket over BetBaller Sportsbook can actually be a good thing. This is because HSB Sportsbook is based and licensed in Ireland and isn't just an Internet only sport wagering site. Regardless of the history or corporate makeup, the site has recently undergone an overhaul which makes it a sleek and user-friendly site to visit, navigate, and ultimately hit your parlays at.

How to Manage Bitcoin from BetBaller Sportsbook

The payment versatility could be seen as a positive thing for U.S players – unfortunately, at this time, BetBaller Sportsbook states they do not accept American registrants. In the future, it could be seen as a positive thing to bet at a book that has a connection between credit cards and bitcoin (sending BTC to your credit card as a future possibility for example) but that can't be determined until U.S players are allowed.

One of the biggest advantages to betting with Bitcoin is that it can be done anonymously. It's hard to see BetBaller holding out on allowing U.S players for very much longer. This is a market representing billions of dollars in wagering and perhaps all they would need to do is rebrand much like Bodog started Bovada to cater solely to the stringent U.S betting laws. As of now, BetBaller has a strict anti-money laundering policy and may require a bank statement, utility bill, photo ID, passport, and front of your debit card in order to verify identification. For many players around the world (who have so many sportsbooks available with less invasive policies) this is simply a deal breaker.

Specifics for U.S Players

Since betting isn't yet an option for U.S players via the BetBaller Sportsbook Review, there aren't a lot of specifics for American wagerers. With the sheer number of bitcoin-only books out there offering anonymous sign up for U.S wagerers, it's simply not worth the unnecessary risk trying to circumvent the system at BetBaller. Sites like Cloudbet provide American registration with nothing more than an email address. Beyond that, online books such as Nitrogen Sports allow a U.S player to sign up for their services by creating nothing more than a user name – no verification needed whatsoever.

Betting Options

What stinks about the Betballer Sportsbook Review in the terms that the site doesn't accept U.S players is that there are some worthy betting options available there. Not only is there a plethora of sports to wager on they have a 150% welcome bonus up to 1 BTC. It's not as high as the 5BTC that some sites are offering to match, but the 150% means you have to deposit less to recoup more. Plus, BetBaller offers an early cash out option where gamblers can choose to forfeit a percentage of their potential wager in order to cash out early before their side has a chance to blow the lead. This revolutionary wagering option could be very lucrative.

BetBaller Sportsbook Review Summary

A nice layout, cool betting options, and a deposit bonus – for players pretty much everywhere except the United States. Make sure to check back to BetBaller frequently because as bitcoin betting rises, so will the calls for the site to accept American players.