ESports Betting at Bovada

There's a new sport to bet on at Bovada sportsbook, and although esports betting online may not be for the traditionalist, there are a whole lot of bettors enjoying the action. Esports real money betting involves wagering on multiplayer gaming events that are now extremely popular worldwide and the main esports that players are putting their money on are League of Legends, Dota, Starcraft and Counter Strike although there are plenty more options available.

Wagering on Bovada esports is really simple and once you've signed up and collected that 50% bonus up to $250 you'll just need to select 'esports' on the left hand side navigation bar. You'll then see all of the games available to wager on, and there's usually 3 or 4 options at any given time. There are no spreads and no totals involved and it's a simple case of picking the winning team, which, if you're familiar with esports will obviously give you a good start!

Will esports betting catch on? As we've said, it's not for the average sports betting fan but for those out there that enjoy playing and watching esports then it does give a boost to the overall enjoyment, as the old saying goes, it matters more when there's money on it. We can in no way see esports wagering getting anywhere near close to the levels of action that even MLS betting gets, but at the end of the day it's a little fun.

If you are a more traditional sports bettor and can't wait for NFL 2015 to roll around then Bovada already have week 1 lines up and ready to go, and if you enjoy a little baseball betting then there are of course lines up on every single MLB game, all summer long.