Hillary Clinton For President? You Can Bet on it at Bovada!

Hillary Clinton has announced that she will be running for President, and she did so in a short video that saw her state, "I'm running for president, Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion," adding "So I'm hitting the road to earn your vote, because it's your time. And I hope you'll join me on this journey." With those words spoken bookmakers at Bovada automatically placed her as the favorite to win the 2016 US Presidential Election, and to become the first female President of the United States.

The official campaign kick off meeting will take place in Iowa sometime next month, and the former Senator and Secretary of State, unlike her last run out in 2008 in which she lost to President Obama, should have little trouble gaining the Democratic presidential nomination, in fact many observers are already stating that it's almost a done deal.

Her work over the last few years means that she's now a household name, and already has huge support, but what are the odds on Hillary Clinton becoming the first female President and moving into the White House? Right now Bovada Sports have Clinton placed at a pretty meagre 2.50 with Jeb Bush the next down the list at 5.00 and it's those 2 candidates that are really doing the running with the bookies right now, although a little down the list you'll find a few names you're sure to recognize.

Ronald Reagan did it so why not George Clooney for President, and you'll find that he's a bit of a long shot at 100/1 however stranger things have indeed happened in politics. How about the current First Lady Michelle Obama? No? Thought not, however she is on the list as a 150/1 long shot, as is Donald Trump at 100/1 and you wouldn't put it past him! More serious contenders include Scott Walker at 11.00, Marco Rubio at 13.00, Elizabeth Warren at 15.00 and the Republican Rand Paul is at 15.00. It's a long road to the White House and there'll be many twists and turns, and the early money is all on Hillary!