Top Two Eastern Teams

As we work our way to the NBA playoffs, the top two in the Eastern Conference look sure to be Toronto and Boston. However, what order they finish in is not yet known, and on Saturday night, they face each other in what should be an absolutely fantastic game of basketball. The Raptors have the edge right now and sit top of the east, but a win for Boston would give them hope they can close the gap and make a late charge to take over, giving them valuable home court advantage throughout their run in the east.

The Raptors have held onto the top spot for a long time now, but a recent streak for the Celtics has given them hope of running the Canadian team close. It seems strange to be talking about this battle in the east without even mentioning the Cleveland Cavaliers, but these two teams have flown past the Cavs and really laid down their case as potential teams ready to take over the eastern conference.

Despite being second in the east, the Celtics have not really used home court advantage to their strength this season. They have the fourth best record at home in the division, compared to having the best record when playing on the road, so just because they are at home, it doesn't make this game any easier for them. Toronto has been exceptional everywhere they have played, they have the best home record, as well as the second-best road record, with only Boston ahead of them in that department. One thing these stats point to is something we are all hoping for and that is for this game to live up to the billing and be a great game.

With such good recent form, the Boston Celtics are hard to ignore here, and we will see how their youngster cope in a playoff-like atmosphere at the TD Garden. Everything about Boston is pointing towards them having a very bright future, but with a strong finish to this regular season, they could announce themselves as winners of the east a little earlier than most anticipated.

This is sure to be a great one, we have two fantastic teams going at it, but I have to give the slight edge to Boston here. The Celtics believe they can win the conference and will be going all out to do so, I have them winning this game by two to six points.