Super Bowl LVII Preview Props and Lines

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The biggest event of the year is almost upon us, and with an unprecedented matchup, things are looking to get quite heated! These are teams you do not see enter into the Super Bowl very often coming together and pitting people from across the United States at each other's throats. Everyone's going to be pining at their TVs and placing down big bets, which we've got lines on right here!

Who's Playing?

The Kansas City Chiefs are the underdogs here, not having been to the Super Bowl in over 50 years. This team is known for having a lot of heart, and many argue they stole the Super Bowl spot away from more worthwhile teams. This is part of the fun of rooting for a team like this, however, as they come back from defeat time and again only to win in the end. They were in a huge deficit for a long time in the game that got them the title spot, going down to the line against the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans. They still made their way back, however, which is a very different story than the San Francisco 49ers that they are going against.

The 49ers are no stranger to the Super Bowl, and have been here quite a few times over the years. They took out their opponents on the way to the Super Bowl quite easily, beating the Minnesota Vikings by double, as well as demolishing the Green Bay Packers. At halftime, the 49ers were actually up by 27 points against them! They are definitely the opposite of the underdog, and the clear pick for anybody that wants to root for the reigning champion.

Where's it At?

The title fight between the two teams is going to take place in Miami Gardens, out there in Florida, a neutral position from both teams. Specifically, it's going to be at the home of the Miami Dolphins over at Hard Rock Stadium. This is the 11th time that the Super Bowl will be featured here, not having made the rounds since 2010. Back then, it was Sun Life stadium, so some people might be confused. It is very much the same stadium, however, with all the same amenities, and reasons to attend! This is the only place outside of New Orleans that has hosted the Super Bowl quite so many times. There is a reason for that, making this the most popular venue for the big game known to man.

Who's Going to Win the Super Bowl?

The 49ers are the clear favorite here, in the running for another Lombardi trophy to add to their other five. If they get this, they will have won the most in NFL history, alongside only one other team. The MVP this year is Patrick Mahomes, who is their starting quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is also reprising his role as quarterback, having been stolen from the Patriots earlier this year.

Football fans can tell you that they are certainly surprised to see both teams here. This probably being the most unlikely matchup anyone had ever anticipated. To make an analogy, it is if the Lakers or Chicago Bulls were suddenly going against a team no one had ever heard of. This may not be giving Kansas City enough credit, but it's not far from the truth. Although they have been predicted to make the playoffs earlier in the year, they made a leap all the way up from 4 to 12 in the time since. They are the only one to have ever done that in the entire 50 years that the Super Bowl is been around.

What are the Odds?

Since we are all betting men and women here, you're probably wondering what the odds are at present. Everyone is wondering this, as it is quiet a hard match to peg considering how unlikely both of the contestants are. Although the bookies are still up in the air about things, it is definitely not a 50-50 split. If you want to win the big money, that would definitely go on the Kansas City team, although they are obviously far more of a risky bet. If you wanted some easy money, laying it down on the 49ers is the way to go, but the odds aren't going to give you that much of a return because of how heavily they are slanted in favor of that team. If you want a good metric to judge how popular the Super Bowl is looking to be, the cheapest ticket you can find at the moment or $5400. The most expensive seats are currently going for $35,000, which is probably the most any ticket has ever gone for at the Super Bowl. This is definitely a game for the ages, and the prices on betting and all related things are going to reflect that. As a recap of how last year Super Bowl wins, the New England Patriots earned their sixth win over the Los Angeles Rams. This was a hard earned victory, one by a single field-goal with only about a minute left on the clock. This was definitely a wonderful game to watch, both teams were definitely Titans of their field. Everybody knew the Rams had a shot, and the Patriots are in the Super Bowl almost every other year. This is a far different game, and nobody really knows what's going to happen. That's also part of the reason it's so fun!

Bet and Win!

Whether you are a fan of the 49ers or want to lay down some risky money on Kansas City, you definitely have to get in on the action here. No two teams have ever been so wildly talked about on their way to the matchup, and none of them have been so far from one another in terms of recognition and standing. This is very much a David versus Goliath match, with betting odds that support that. Will you risk it all and make big money by betting on the underdog here? Or are you going to go with the tried and true choice of the 49ers? Let us know! And happy betting.