Prepaid Visa Deposits at Sports Betting Online

Sports Betting, also known as SBO provides US online sports bettors with a simple to use, convenient set of depositing options, and although it does of course also provide a solid wagering platform and all of the trimmings of a good US online sportsbook should do, for many bettors, especially heading into a new NFL season, it’s getting money in and out of a sportsbook that’s the major deciding factor.

All real money online NFL sportsbook options will give you a variety of ways to deposit however it’s an area in which Sports Betting Online excels, offering so much more than just the major credit card options of Visa and MasterCard, although they are of course there to be used at SBO, as well as American Express. Depositing by credit cards in a US online sportsbook is for some players a little problematic, and that’s where Sports Betting Online depositing options come into their own.

How about depositing into an online sportsbook using Paypal? Well directly from your Paypal account it’s not possible, but it is when using a Paypal prepaid card which are readily available in thousands of locations across the US and even online, as are Green Dot prepaid cards and others. These prepaid Visa options not only guarantee that your deposit is accepted but once you have the card, they can be topped up at anytime and used whenever you wish, and many people are also finding that as they are accepted wherever you see the Visa sign, that they are a great alternative to carrying cash.

You’ll also be able to use Visa prepaid gift cards and they work in the SBO cashier just like a regular Visa or prepaid Visa card. Again, they’re available in many stores and gas stations across the US and may be purchased at just about whatever amount you want. Should you wish not to use a card at all then you may also use Western Union money transfers, MoneyGram or even a bank wire and if you don’t even want to use traditional cash then there’s also a Bitcoin option too.

Getting your money into an online sportsbook and ready for the season doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially when at SBO there are so many simple ways of allowing you a full season of superb NFL online betting.