Celebrity Boxing Matches

By now, if you are a boxing fan, you've probably heard about celebrity boxing, particularly with the rise of YouTube sensation Jake Paul who has successfully entered and won 5 celebrity boxing matches.

A minor celebrity before YouTube with his Disney role on the Disney comedy series Bizaardvark, Paul qualifies loosely as a celebrity, depending upon your use of the term.

You won't see Katy Perry square off against Britney Spears in celebrity boxing, as entertaining as that may be. No, these are legitimate athletes, who have had major or minor roles in their sport such as the UFC.

To the best of our knowledge, no legitimate celebrity other than Mickey Rourke who participated in 8 pro bouts in the 90s (and seriously got his good looks pummeled off his face,) and perhaps Iris Elba who never boxed but was a serious kickboxer.

However, ever since UFC Star Connor McGreggor boxed retired champ, Floyd Mayweather, in 2017, celebrity boxing has been the newest "it sport."

So here are some questions you might ask if you are considering tuning in.

How can I watch the celebrity boxing match?

You will only find celebrity boxing on a pay per view avenues such as Showtime or other pay-per-view channels, either through your local internet provider or directly on the internet itself. Typically, the charge is $59.95

Is celebrity boxing real?

Yes, in a way. Participants need to be licensed by their various state boxing commissions, so in that respect, they are real.

Also, there is no question that high-level fights such as Jake Paul against former UFC star Ben Askern are real.

But there is also a sense of exhibition to celebrity boxing as well. Many feel that Floyd Merryweather significantly carried Connor McGregor in their 2017 fight, which lasted till the 10th round with Merryweather scoring a TKO.

What are the top 10 boxing matches of all time?

Celebrity wise, the top 10 include:

*Tonya Harding vs. Samantha Browning

*Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor

*KSI vs. Logan Paul II

*Jake Paul vs. AnEsonGib

*Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson

*Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

*Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

*Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley (they fought twice)

*British Boxer Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson vs Eddie Hall the strongman

What is the most famous boxing match?

No doubt the 2017 fight between Connor McGregor and Floyd Merryweather is the most famous celebrity fight.

What is the richest boxing match ever?

Again, celebrity-wise, McGregor, and Merryweather take the top prize. The two generated a pay-for-view of around $500 million dollars, and while the numbers were undisclosed, Merryweather reportedly earned $280 million dollars, and McGregor received $130 million.

Who fought in celebrity boxing?

Celebrity boxing has been with us for a while but only has attracted a lot of attention in the last few years, so the list may surprise you.

Included are:

* Tonya Harding * Donny Bonaduce * Donnie Osmond * Todd Bridges * Barry Williams * Vanilla Ice * Darva Conger * Olga Korbut * Dustin Diamond * Ricky Gervais * Dolph Lungren * Shaquille O'Neil and more.

Who started the celebrity boxing trend?

Actually, famed heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali started the trend by first boxing with Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki in 1976, followed by bouts with football star Lyle Azada in 1979, and then with Hockey Star Dave Semenko in 1983.

Actually, as far back as 1967, there was serious talk of a celebrity boxing match between Wilt Chamberlain and Muhammad Ali, but later Wilt backed out.

Who won the celebrity boxing match?

The list is so extensive so we'll only consider serious matches.

Jake Paul won all 5 of his professional fights against YouTuber AnEsonGib, former professional basketball player Nate Robinson, former UFC MMA fighter Ben Askren, and twice defeated current UFC star Tyron Woodley,

Paul is currently trying to arrange a UFC fight between himself and Connor McGregor.

Why do celebrities do boxing?

Mostly for the money. Although some seek to prove they are legitimate sportsmen, and in Jake Paul's case, it may be true, most celebrities do it for the money.

A celebrity boxing match can bring in millions of dollars for a former celebrity who is no longer popular in the media and some of them legitimately need the money.