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Oddsmaker NFL Season 2103 Kicks Off

oddsmakerOddsmaker is a fantastic US sportsbook and it’s primed and ready for NFL season 2013, with some outstanding promotions and deals on offer, from competitions to bonuses and then some. It’s all looking good for US sports bettors at Oddsmaker and the first thing of note is the great signup bonus of up to 155% on that first deposit, which gets your NFL season 2013 off to a flying start. Here’s a look at what else is on the cards at Oddsmaker....

  • The $250,000 Football Challenge is a parlay competition where you have to place a 16 team parlay and should you hit the lot then a sweet $250,000 is coming your way.
  • The Free $250 Parlay asks you to pick 5 from 5 and take away a very nice $250 when you do. It’s totally free to enter, with the only stipulation being that you have a minimum account balance of $100. Simple, deposit now and get in on the free action.
  • The $100,000 Football Challenge is asking you to place a 10 team parlay for a mere $10. If your teams make the grade you’ll bag $100,000.
  • NFL Shutout Refund means that if the NFL team you back is totally shutout you’ll get your cash back on all moneyline bets, it really is that simple. The only stipulation on that one is that wagers must be placed the week of the game.
  • Monday Night Football $10.00 Free Bet, is exactly what the title says it is. It’s a free $10 bet that pays out $100 on Monday Night NFL games when you pick the player to score the first touchdown in the Monday night game.

So Much More at Oddsmaker!

Each Tuesday night during regular NFL season between 6 and 9 pm ET you can bet college games at -105 lines! Every Wednesday night between 6 and 9 pm ET bet NFL games at -105. How about betting on a Friday night and making the most of the Friday Night Parlay and Teaser Specials which are offered at half price! There is simply so much going on at Oddsmaker this NFL 2013 season you just have to get in on the action. Get signed up and make the most of it, right now!