Soccer Lines at Bovada Sportsbook

Soccer wagering is growing hugely in the US and that trend looks set to continue, especially as he 2014 world cup in Brazil created so much more interest in the game, of which the US played a huge part in. Soccer betting in the US has grown alongside the sports popularity and as a sports fan you will have noticed more live games on TV, and not just MLS games either, as the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga are now extremely popular, with of course European Champions League games being screened live also. The World Cup 2014 has boosted the sports popularity even more, and of course all US sportbooks offered lines and props on every single match. This was just perfect for the soccer betting fan, and Bovada sportsbook will of course be continuing to offer soccer lines into the European and MLS seasons.

Soccer League and Cup Lines at Bovada

You will find a superb selection of soccer lines at Bovada with the EPL, La Liga, The Bundesliga, French league, the German League and Italian leagues all covered, but there’s a whole lot more too. The English FA Cup, The Spanish Copa Del Rey, The Champions League, Europa League and all South American leagues are also available to wager on, and you’ll find more than just win, lose and draw bets on offer with many, many different props available. Another factor that has made US soccer wagering so popular is the fact that the seasons are so long, much longer than NFL and with cup competitions too there’s rarely a time of the year when there’s nothing to wager on..and for sports betting fans, that’s just great!

Bovada Live Soccer Lines

Adding further to the great soccer wagering options is the fact that all major games are offered in the live betting section at Bovada and this opens so many more wagering options. Betting in play gives you so much more entertainment, especially when watching the game, and it also gives you options to possibly get out of a bad that is a welcome option. In play betting is pure entertainment and it’s become so popular at Bovada with so many members using this great service. Let’s also not forget that all soccer lines can also be found on the fantastic Bovada mobile sportsbook too, adding yet further to the soccer offering from this great US sportsbook.

Soccer Bet Types at Bovada

Bovada offers many soccer betting options and many props are available on each game. Long gone are the days of putting down a few dollars on the result and hoping for the best, as now you can place wagers that give you action throughout the game, right up until the final whistle.

You’ll be offered straight moneyline soccer bets that allow you to either bet on each team or the tie, and let’s not forget that the tie is a common enough result in any soccer match for it to be given consideration when placing a wager on the game. You will also be given a soccer points spread option with a favorite with a minus goal starting point, and depending on the teams taking part in the match this can be anything starting at 0.5 goals and the odds will reflect that...think of it just like you would betting the spread on an NFL game. You will also see the over/under goals amount and that is usually 2.5, maybe 3.5 if the linesmaker believes the game may be high scoring, and that line is similar to an NFL total.

The first team to score option at Bovada is clear enough with the favorites to win the game, usually being the faves to score first too, and you’ll also find half time results, and even first 20 minutes results too. Generally speaking, the bigger the game, the more props will be available and you’ll see props on first player to score, last player to score, and so much more. Soccer betting is on the up in the US and that long European season with MLS games also available means that there’s always something on the cards.