Sparky 7 Slots

Sparky 7 Slots is Realtime Gaming's modern classic released in Summer of 2021. Optimized for mobile and desktop, players find themselves enamored with the fun and fluid gameplay along with the throwback style of the game. Players will find themselves matching Lucky 7s and BAR symbols to attain the most rewards each turn. Sparky 7 Slots has an RTP of 96.02% and medium to high volatility. Sparky 7 Slots can also be found on a ton of popular casinos online including and Red Dog Casino!

Sparky 7 Slots offers players a 3x3 grid layout with 5 paylines to earn from! Some of Sparky 7 Slots' volatility comes from its max prize potential, up to 50,000x a single bet! To reach such heights, payers will have to land on well paying symbols along with stacking bonuses each turn. The aim is the big prize jackpot but the fun is in the journey! Players will match a wide variety of BAR symbols paying anywhere from 5x credits to 40x credits. Double and Triple BAR symbols will pay more than singles, but colored 7s will pay out the most for matching 3 of a kind. Green 7s are worth 60x credits, Blue 7s are worth 100x credits, and Red Fiery 7s are worth 500x credits!

It is crucial to match as many high paying 7s as possible along with tallying boost multipliers which also spit out free spins! A minimum bet of .5 credits is allowed per turn, and a maximum of 5 credits is allowed. This is a fantastic introductory game while also providing a solid floor for veteran players who want to max wager and win big. 5 credits per turn won't break the bank, and the possibilities of 50,000 a single wager make Sparky 7 Slots well worth playing. The secondary grid box to the right of the main board offers bonuses and symbol transfers as well. Players can find bonuses in the shape of wager multipliers or shifting a bad symbol into one that was needed.

There is a ton of gameplay variety with many valuable ways to win in Sparky 7 Slots. Players can hop in risk and registration free and play right through their favorite browser! It's really easy to hop into the action, and it's an easy and fun game to learn and master. Hop in at any favorite online casino today and see what one of Realtime Gaming's best titles is all about!