Take The Kingdom Slots

Take The Kingdom Slots is BetSoft's medieval tale of wealthy kingdoms and powerful dragons! Released earlier in 2022, the game has become quite popular with fans of lore and slots games alike. With an RTP of 96.53% and over 100 ways to win, players will find endless reasons to keep coming back for more. Available at the BetSoft online casino and countless other popular slots hotspots, Take The Kingdom Slots offers beautiful visuals and rewarding fun to anyone who dare enter the realm!

Take The Kingdom Slots is a world where dragon's breath sears hot, and treasures linger in ever corner. Exploding wilds, free spins and winning up to 3,640x a single bet are just a few of the things that make Take The Kingdom Slots as rewarding as it is fun. Akin to epics and role playing games of the past, Take The Kingdom Slots takes slots game to a completely new level of gameplay. The interaction with the godly dragon holding the 5x5 grid is not only compelling but challenging! The dragon will drop random fireballs on the board which act as Exploding Wilds! These types of Wilds can both help and hurt the player by distorting found symbols and creating further match chains or destroying them!

The animated dragon in the foreground constantly moves and interacts with the board. This adds to the level of immersion and makes this a must play for fans of the genre. The thundering music and clamoring of iron adds to the visceral feel of the game. Every spin becomes an epic adventure and players will seek to match a wide variety of thematic emblems. These include 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces, maces, bows and arrows, axes, swords, Knights, Princesses and Wilds! Players can match anywhere from 3 of a kind to 5 of a kind with Kings and Wilds being worth the most at up to 70x a single bet!

Take The Kingdom Slots is an epic adventure and one of the best for those who love role playing games and thematic slots titles. It's optimized well for both mobile and desktop and is quite popular on both! Players can get in risk and registration free today just by playing through the browser. Take to your favorite online casino and get in on the action today. No ads watching or downloads are required, just solid gameplay and learning the ropes. Use the over 1,000 credits at your disposal in the customary free play demo mode, and immerse yourself in one of BetSoft's absolute best slots games!