Triple Juicy Drops Slots

Triple Juicy Drops Slots is BetSoft's colorful and highly volatile adventure with 95.73% RTP! Available at most popular online casinos like and BetSoft's own site, Triple Juicy Drops Slots offers a wide array of special features and astounding jackpots! Players can earn free spins, take a shot at the prize wheel, and collect the most fanciful emblems to seek the grand prize of up to 400,000 a single wager!

At the end of the day, Triple Juicy Drops Slots is a fruit collecting game. This makes it no less fun or addictive to play, it's simply limited in the type of emblems there are to collect. Players will seek out cherries, bananas, raspberries, plums, and grapes all the way up to extremely valuable watermelons and diamonds! Yes, diamonds!

Players can stake anywhere from .3 credits to 20 credits per spin. 3 or more symbols must be matched to create a winning condition of any sort. Anything less than 3 of a kind is not rewarding which adds to the volatility of this title. Triple Juicy Drops Slots uses the tumble feature which removes the entire board after a win. This resets the odds and rehashes a completely new board, this adds to the distinctive gameplay variance along with adding new chances to win big!

Scatter symbols laced throughout the board will provide players a chance to earn free spins. From 3 of a kind to 5 of a kind, scatters can offer players anywhere from 10 free spins to 15 free spins! These scatters are just one bonus feature available in Triple Juicy Drops Slots, yet the best is most likely the prize wheel functionality. BetSoft has outdone themselves with a fantastically fun feature in the prize wheel which allows for some of the biggest instant win prizes in slots gaming!

once players are able to collect a certain number of listed fruits progressively counting upward, players will unlock the prize wheel! Spinning the wheel offers advantages to the player ranging from free spins to a max jackpot! This max jackpot is worth upwards of 400,000x a single wager, and that is simply astounding! Players can hop in risk and registration free with no download required at some of their favorite online casinos to play Triple Juicy Drops Slots! This is one of BetSoft's most rewarding titles and it's extremely easy to master. Hop in today and see what the hype is all about, it's max jackpots galore in this world of fruit!