Twister Wilds Slots

Twister Wilds Slots is Realtime Gaming's fan favorite title released in late 2021! With an RTP of 96% and high volatility, players can expect a whirlwind of rewards with 50 paylines and massive rewards on deck! This farm based mix and match adventure allows players to min bet half a credit, and max bet up to 12.50 credits on a single turn! Max wagers will help players attain the max bonus which is 1,500 the stake!

This hoe-down has great music and visuals to go along with it. RTG has solidified itself as a fantastic slots game creator, and the visuals and music are always top notch in terms of theatrics and theme. Players will aim to match a wide array of farm based symbols that pay from 2 of a kind all the way up to 5 of a kind! Players can only match 2 of a kind with the rarer symbols, but it's extremely easy to cash in on two symbols matching in any grid scheme.

Symbols ranging from milk, hay, tractors, a barn, a cat, some sheep, pigs, cows, the farm house, the farm hand boy and the farmer himself will grant players all their prizes and rewards! The farmer and his son are worth the most on the grid, and matching them 5 of a kind on a single pay lines will net 1,500x a single wager! This is some incredible comeuppance for some other games that aren't as rewarding. Finding 3 of of a kind on the grid will net players in a range of 5x to 30x stake, but 4 and 5 of a kind provide serious rewards with 20x and 100x stake being the minimum respectively.

Twister Wilds Slots just like many other RTG titles is available at popular casinos both in the United States and globally. There is a solid return to player regardless of the match volatility, and each wager only requires .5 credits to enter. If you're new to the genre of slots gaming, feel no fear as you can hop in risk and registration free today! Any online casino hosting RTG games will have Twister Wilds Slots and there's no software download required. Just a 1,000 free credits to spare with all the mechanics built in is what players will get when trying Twister Wilds Slots for the first time! It's a fun and simplistic game with surprisingly massive prizes on 3 of a kind or better!