Download the BetOnline Client

As well as offering an outstanding sportsbook, quality round the clock service and great depositing option, BetOnline is a pretty innovative place to place your wagers. Not only do they offer the great regular online site and mobile wagering you can also download the BetOnline client to your desktop. Just by taking a few simple steps you get the BetOnline client right where you need it. On the home page you'll see the Download the BetOnline link and all you have to do is hit that and run it. Within seconds the icon will appear on your desktop and voila, there you go. Should you be a mac user then that's not a problem as there's also a link for that too. Once you have the icon on your desktop you simply click as usual and it opens up the BetOnline site in a browser giving you access to your favorites online sportsbook.

Why Bother?

We thought that at first, and so we tried it. OK, so it's not re-inventing the wheel here but that's not what it's all about, it's all about ease of access. You start up your computer, all you wanna do is place a bet so just hit the logo, it's fast, simple and it skips a few steps for you. It may even remind you that you need to place a bet! It takes up no memory and doesn't affect your computer in anyway, so the question you shouldn't you really be asking is why not bother? It's just another way for you to get you bets on at this awesome book.