Hyper Wins Slots

Hyper Wins Slots was released early in 2022 by the prolific publisher Realtime Gaming! With an RTP of 96% and high volatility, players seem to come back often for the big rewards Hyper Wins Slots provides! This game like many other RTG projects is available on some of the biggest online casinos worldwide. From vegasslotsonline.com to elroyalecasino.com, players will have no problem finding and playing Hyper Wins Slots!

The glossy and pristine visuals give Hyper Wins Slots a distinct look and fantastic play appeal. It's one of RTG's more simplistic entries, yet it's good return rate and fun play mechanics make it well worth sticking with. Players can max bet 5 credits per turn, and the treat is really in the max bet multipliers! Players can start low with .2 credits per bet, but to win the massive free spin bonuses up to 200 and the 1000x bet instant prizes, players will most likely want to max bet every turn they get!

The in game icons range in visual style and overall scarcity. Values of earnings range from a meek 5x a single to bet to an astounding 20,000x a single bet! Players are able to match up to 9 of a kind on this dynamic reel, but paylines as low as 3 of a kind will still pay out worthwhile bonuses also. The standard face card symbols from Jack to Ace are introduced as symbols in game, but the orange ovals, pink flowers, red hearts, and green squares are where players can maximize their wagers!

Jack through King symbols can only be matched with 4 of a kind or better, this adds to the difficulty and volatility of the game but also makes it more rewarding. When shooting for the somewhat scarce but overall common Aces and orange ovals, players will find themselves with secondary bonuses that make the game more rewarding. Matching 9 of a kind on a payline is well worth any match as the minimum one wins is 10,000x a single wager!

Hyper Wins Slots is available on most global online casinos that host popular slots games. There is no reason to hop in risk and registration free as there is no software download required either! With over 1,000 free credits and unlimited matching possibilities, Realtime Gaming has set up a fantastically fun game that welcomes new players just as it does veterans of the genre. Hop in today for up to 20,000 a single bet!