New Gaming Site Predictious to Accept Bitcoins

Predictious launched this week and it's a little bit different to any other gambling site available, and it will also be accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as well as credit cards. There's more than just sports betting at Predictious, although of course that is on the agenda and users will find that they may wager or 'predict' more or less everything. The site is split into several categories that are, sports, politics, economics, entertainment, science and tech, and business with all Predictious offers under them. For example, at the moment under the science and tech tab you can wager on the Lumia 1020 Vs Samsung Galaxy search interest and the contract details of the bet state that, "Long shares win if "lumia 1020" search interest is strictly higher than "samsung galaxy s4" search interest on July 20th 2013 according to Google Trends" Interesting to say the least, but how many people would bet money on that? "

How it Works

To sign up to Predictious all you need is a Google account and you may fund your account with Bitcoins or credit card. Once done you predict the outcome of events that you think will occur, or short sell shares in an event that you believe will not happen. There are plenty of strange markets to wager on including presidential elections, movies, Oscars, just about everything that's in the news. You may also trade with Bitcoins and to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoins there is no fee. If it sounds like your kind of thing then you may start predicting with just a few cents and check it out. Whether this sort of thing will attract enough customers to make it a viable venture remains to be seen, however it is different and it is a lot of fun....if you're into that sort of thing.

Something More Traditional Maybe?

If this isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to stick to something slightly more traditional, then don’t panic, there’s plenty of good old fashioned sports wagering to be had at the US friendly sportsbook Bovada. With tons of wagering options, great promotions and a great amount of depositing options available then get signed up to Bovada.