Depositing with Bitcoin into a US Sportsbook

The virtual currency of Bitcoin is not only growing in popularity as a regular payment method that is being accepted by travel sites, car rental companies and even coffee shops but it’s also become widely used as both a method for depositing and withdrawing in US online sportsbooks. It’s anonymity makes it ideal for online gambling in general and while it’s yet to be embraced by mainstream operators in Europe, in the US it’s proving more popular by the day, with great sportsbook such as Bitbet using it as their main currency.

When using a Bitcoin sportsbook you’ll find that the only difference between it and a regular online sportsbook is in fact the method of depositing, and the same lines, games and online betting options available will be more or less the same. You’ll be offered NFL betting galore, NBA, MLB and Soccer lines, and when it comes to withdrawing your winnings, the Bitcoin goes straight back into your wallet, in fact it’s by far the fastest withdrawal method available for US players right now.

How to Deposit by Bitcoin

Depositing by Bitoin is simple and long as you actually have Bitcoin that is, and all you need to do is transfer the currency from your Bitcoin wallet to your sportsbook. You will of course need a Bitcoin wallet to do this, and there are many available, and all will allow you to send funds to your sportsbook. You deposit by using your email address and it really is just a simple few clicks to send the funds, and they available instantly in your sportsbook account.

Advantages of Using a Bitcoin Sportsbook

There are many advantages to using Bitcoin to fund and withdraw from a US sportsbook account and the fact that there is a 100% success rate of depositing, unlike credit cards, is one thing that makes Bitcoin very appealing. There is of course also the fact that Bitcoin is totally anonymous meaning there are no safety and security worries and not even your sportsbook has your credit card details, in fact signing up to Bitbet is so easy that all is required is a username and a password. The speed of which Bitcoin is transferred, as it really is a money in and money out process is also a major bonus, and once your Bitcoin wallet is set up and funded you really are good to go.

While Bitcoin will never fully replace the use of Visa and MasterCard, and will never be as popular as Visa prepaid cards, it will grow rapidly as a sportsbook depositing method simply due to its convenience and security aspects.