Final Four Betting at Bovada Sports

The NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament has reached the Final Four stage and what a thriller it's been so far. The Final Four will take place at The Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Sunday April 5th and of course Bovada Sports has everything ready for your Final Four online betting needs.

The first game off will be Michigan State Vs Duke and that will be followed by Kentucky Vs Wisconsin, and having made it this far, no-one wants to go home. The bookies have been busy and the Final Four betting lines are ready and 3 number 1 seeded teams along with a 7 seed team are good to go, and the lines at present are...

Duke (1) Vs Michigan State (7) Duke -5, Over/Under: 140

Kentucky (1) Vs Wisconsin (1) Kentucky -5 Over/Under 131

Those lines may change a little as the tip off gets closer, but they will not be moving by much and if you like what you see then get your bets down early. Bovada also have plenty of Final Four team and player props and should you want to bet on the overall winner then the NCAA Mens Tournament Winner Odds are also available. Both Final Four games will be available for live betting too, and of course all lines will be available in the Bovada mobile sportsbook which runs perfectly on Android and iOS devices. New players to Bovada will get a welcome bonus of 50% up to $250 meaning if you're looking to wager on the Final Four then Bovada have your covered.