Odds On Trump Becoming President Shortening

Back in 2013 the odds on Donald Trump of becoming the president of the USA were long to say the least, and you could get your money down at 150/1, however those days are long gone, and right now a Donald Trump bet for the presidency will land you odds of +195 at Bovada...quite a difference.

The impossible now seems possible and as any US online bettor will tell you, anything can happen in a two horse race. Polls have Trump catching Clinton and not even a botched speech by his wife has put the brakes on, with many polls even having the race as neck and neck right now.

With the current international political climate as it is, moving ever further to the right, many observers wouldn´t be too surprised to see Trump in the White House and just like Bush in 2000, he could even get there without the popular vote.

The US 2016 Presidential election will go to the wire, and the race will no doubt be a dirty one with the Republican Party at +195 and the Democrats at -250 the bookies at Bovada politics betting can't see much daylight between them, just like the polls.

New players to Bovada sportsbookwill get a 50% welcome bonus up to $250 on making the first deposit and political betting is of course just a very small part of their whole offering, and with the 2016/2017 NFL season not too far away maybe it´s worth getting your account opened now.