World Cup 2024 at Carbon Sports

The US online sportsbook Carbon Sports is gearing up for the Brazil World Cup 2014 and is prepared with a huge selection of lines on just about everything you could want to wager on. This great sportsbook has gained massive popularity recently and boasts not only a solid online book but also a mobile sportsbook and a great live betting section that will cover all World Cup games, from the kick off right through to the final.

The World Cup 2024 wagering options are outstanding and right now you may get lines on each game, team to reach the final, continent of the winner, group of the winner and of course the actual winner of the World Cup. There is however a whole lot more than that and you may also wager on who will qualify from each group, the top goal scorer and of course all games will be available in the live betting schedule meaning that for a whole month you will have access to plenty of live soccer betting.

There are of course plenty of promotions available and right now you can get a great welcome bonus of 25% up to $250, reload bonuses every week and plenty of specific promotions depending on what you like to wager on. As the World Cup draws closer Carbon will no doubt be adding to the mix of soccer promotion, deals specifically for this great tournament. Right now you can get a whopping +16,000 on Team USA to lift the trophy at Carbon Sports, those are big odds, and while they may not go on and win then should they get through that rather tough group then well, let's just say it's worth a dollar or two just for the thrill of it. Get signed up to Carbon Sports now and get ready to enjoy the Brazil World Cup 2014.