Return to Paris Slots

Return to Paris Slots is Betsoft's cops and robbers game with 5 reels and 20 paylines! With 96.06% RTP and middling volatility, Return to Paris Slots has become a fan favorite since its release late last year! It's all about tracking treasures stolen from the museum and cashing in on your own rewards! Players can earn up to 1,056x their wager on a maximum bet!

When cops do catch the robbers, there is an explosion on the board and this is another variation of wilds also found in game! To put it simply, Return to Paris Slots is beautiful! The visuals feel alive designed in full 3-D, the Eiffel tower also glows in the gorgeous backdrop creating an ambiance not found in other games. The unique mini animations that pop up throughout add to the quality of the game, from robbers sneaking treasure out of the Louvre to a policeman always being on the job and checking his watch.

There is an appreciated level of humor in this game, and although cops and robbers isn't the most juvenile subject matter, the game handles it well and it feels quite animated and fun. Robber have the unique ability to steal pieces of the board, this can both hurt and help players depending on the symbols available to match. In my first encounter with the game, robbers stole an Ace but delivered a crown which actually matched 3 of a kind for me! It's these nuances that make the game spectacularly fun.

Oddly enough, robbers will do more to help players than hurt them! Removing dud pieces off the board and adding an additional wild is an instance that repeated itself through multiple playthroughs. Symbols range from shiny diamonds, to Louvre statues to Wild portraits depicting Paris in all its glory! There is a maximum bet of 100 credits per spin, and autoplay is incorporated for those seeking to grind Return to Paris Slots for all its worth!

One of the most unique features of Return to Paris Slots is being able to see the next pieces dropping on to the board. This allows for much more strategic freedom when it comes to determining wagers and when to wager big. There is a demo mode for players to get in on the action risk free! Return to Paris Slots offers 1,000 free credits for players to play the game in its entirety without losing anything!