Egyptian Gold Slots

Egyptian Gold Slots is Realtime Gaming's exhilarating ode to the ancients! This 96% and high volatility slots adventure rewards players for their courage and craftiness! With 5 reels, 243 paylines and nearly 600 ways to win, players have so many ways to win! Egyptian Gold Slots carries bonus multipliers, free spins, and the ability to shoot for massive jackpots!

Players can wager anywhere from .15 credits up to 15 credits each turn. High wagers add to the volatility of this game, but with a 15 credit wager players can shoot for those extremely valuable progressive jackpots! Free spins can also be earned by matching scatter symbols with 3 of a kind or better! Finding the more scarce emblems will help players collect better rewards!

Symbols in game include standard card symbols like hearts, diamonds and clubs. It wouldn't be a Realtime Gaming entry without some thematic visuals, so the rest are standard fare for a game based on Ancient Egypt. From scarabs to ankhs, to cobras, queens and the almighty Pharoah, players will have an array of gilded emblems to mix, match and earn huge from !

It isn't the most difficult to match low grade symbols like the glowing diamonds and ankhs, and those will net players a maximum of 40x their wager if matched with 5 of a kind. These values upgrade farther up the scale of emblems players go, and Pharoahs carry a value of 30x for only matching 3 of a kind! For matching 4x Pharoahs players will net 60x their wager, and for 5 of a kind players will net 200x their wager!

When max wagering, finding scarce items and icons like the Pharoah is necessary to not only boost in game wagers, but to fuel the progressive jackpots which provide immense bonuses when landing them! Expanding reels is a key feature implemented by Realtime Gaming to help players earn huge when they find wild symbols on the board! These symbols take over the board and match in multiples to boost bonuses, scatters also take over the board and provide countless free spins when matched!

Egyptian Gold Slots provides players a fantastic gameplay experienced filled with rewards! Player earnings potential is endless, and anyone can hop in risk and registration free today! The free play demo mode is packed with a 1,000 free credits for players to wager and play the game as it should without spending a penny! There's a lot to love with this thematic blast to the past, jump into RTG's gilded ancient adventure today!