Tower of Fortuna Slots

Tower of Fortuna Slots is a mystifying game created by the prolific Betsoft gaming publisher. With an RTP of 96.09% and low volatility, the Tower of Fortune welcomes players of all skill levels to scale its depths! Collecting Crimson Flags is key as they act as wilds in game! 3 Blazing Suns can award up to 10 free spins, and players can maximize their wager by up to 3,200x! Tower of Fortuna Slots has a ton to offer and there's so much more to discover!

The game itself is gorgeous with a floating messenger guiding the player's path each step of the way. The Tower of Fortuna acts as the background as players mix and match on this simplistic yet gorgeous 3x3 reel grid. Climbing the tower requires making wagers, and the minimum bet for this game is .6 credits whereas the maximum is slightly over 9 credits. This range in wager amounts allows a variety of skill levels to conquer the Tower of Fortuna as they so choose!

Symbols to match in the tower include the standard Queen, King and Ace. Rewards from 16x a single bet, to 32x a single bet, to 10 free spins and beyond can be earned by matching Tower of Fortuna Slots wide variety of symbols. These symbols include bulls, eagles, lions, warriors and the ever elusive Blazing Suns! As mentioned prior, The Blazing Suns will offer players the option to earn up to 10 free spins. It is most lucrative for players to chase down Crimson Flags and Blazing Suns to unlock the game's full potential for granting rewards!

Betsoft has granted players the ability to buy bonuses such as free spin at any point in the game! This allows for extra spins to be bought in bundled deals, and this is in addition to earning free spins through Crimson Flags and climbing the Tower of Fortuna itself! Every match that leads to a climb will increase the win multiplier when in free spin mode! In this mode additional Blazing Suns will appear almost as wilds, but the net result will always be more free spins! Anything earned in bonus mode is always added to the total for the next turn.

Tower of Fortuna Slots is optimized for mobile and desktop for players grinding at home or taking the game on the go! With the demo mode including 1,000 free credits to spend risk free, there's no reason to not hop on and at least give Tower of Fortuna Slots a spin!