Wagering on MLS Soccer

Wagering on Major League Soccer is on the increase, of that there is no doubt. It's rise is due to the fact that it's fast, it's televised and the MLS is starting to attract international players from across the globe. The MLS league involves 19 teams, and New York City FC set to make it 20 in 2015 and possibly another when David Beckham decides to set up camp in Miami.

The season runs from March through until December with each team playing a total of 34 games. Now that provides some serious wagering opportunities. The speed of its growth as a sport in the US can be seen that when the league played out its first season there were only 10 teams involved and it's now about to double that number.

Over the years the league has seen some outstanding players in action from both Europe and South America with David Beckham being the obvious example but there are plenty more including Robbie Keane the Ireland Captain, Thierry Henry the French Legend, Freddie Ljungberg, Juan Pablo Angel and plenty more. The league has also seen players going the other way too which has done wonders for the US team. Clint Dempsey now plays in England and is just one example among many.

Live and Mobile MLS Wagering

It's no surprise that the growth of the game has coincided with the amount of money being wagered on it and smart MLS bettors can make a small fortune on those 3 way lines that offer much better prices than the standard spread line on other maor sports. In many games you will find that the favorite is better odds than even money and this is just one of the reasons US wagering fans have started to take to the sport.

The 3 way lines do mean that plenty of money can also be won on the tie, and don't be put off placing your money on this as a large amount of MLS games are drawn. The over/under bets are also a popular wagering option, just like in NFL and it's great to back games to go over, especially when watching them. watching MLS has never been easier with plenty of games covered by ESPN, NBC Sports and other sports channels and while watching, why not take advantage of the live betting options that are available.

There are a number of quality online US sportsbooks that now offer a live betting option which allows you to bet in-play while watching the game. Some of them will even allow you to bet live from your mobile device, which is even better news if you are watching the game in a sports bar. One of the best US sportsbooks for MLS, Live Betting and Mobile is Bovada and if you want to enjoy all of the above then give them a shot today.