Depositing with Green Dot into a US Sportsbook

There are now many US online sportsbooks that accept Green Dot Moneypak as a depositing option, and this prepaid method is becoming more and more popular due to its ease of use, great security, and the fact that there’s a 100% acceptance rate when making your deposit. Green Dot is a very flexible payment method, and once you have your Green Dot prepaid Visa or MasterCard, funding your sportsbook account at online books such as Bovada is a simple and swift task.

How to Get Your Green Dot Card

To begin using Green Dot you will need to get your card, and there are two ways in which you may do this. You may purchase a card at a retail outlet and thousands of locations across the US have them readily available, with places such as Walmarts, convenience stores and gas stations all stocking them. You may also get your card online at and should you use that option then you will be provided with a temporary number immediately, and your plastic card will be with you through the post within 5 to 7 days.

You then need to fund your card with a Moneypak, and this is again, a very simple task. You may use your credit card online at the Green Dot site, or you may purchase a Moneypak with cash at the same type of locations in which you may find the Green Dot card. You’ll then need to load the Moneypak onto the card, and this needs to be done online at and will take you literally 1 minute as it’s simply a case of entering the Moneypak details. Once that card is loaded, you’ll have a fully loaded prepaid Visa or MasterCard (the choice is yours) with which to deposit into your sportsbook account.

Why Use Green Dot Moneypak?

The reasons for using Green Dot and Moneypak are clear to see, and for those players who can’t use their credit card, as maybe it gets declined by the sportsbook, it’s a fantastic alternative. Even those players who may deposit via credit card can use Green Dot as it means that you do not have to give your card details to anyone when depositing, just the Green Dot number. The security measures are great and with this prepaid method it means that you may only deposit as much as you load your card with, meaning that keeping a check on your spending is easy to do too.