Will Mobile Sports Betting Really Take Over?

Most quality US sportsbooks will now offer a mobile sportsbook too, and many are saying that it’s just a matter of time before mobile sportsbook use will take over that of the regular online sportsbook. We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves there, but surely there will become a point when this happens, right? The best US sportsbook, such as Bovada, Carbon Sports and Sports Betting Online all offer a mobile sportsbook option, and we have to admit, they are very cool, very useful and well designed. They are indeed growing in popularity and will be around for good it seems, however will their growth reach a point of overall sportsbook activity and stay there, or will it eventually be the way to wager?

Mobile Sportsbook Convenience

Technology enables us to do almost all things mobile now and placing your bets on your smartphone or tablet is not new. It is however much easier and faster, and due to advances in mobile technology using your mobile sportsbook is just as fast and as simple as on your home PC. Sportsbooks are investing significant amounts of time and money in developing their mobile offering meaning that they believe, or at least hope, that they will grow in use and it’s for sure a sign of a quality sportsbook when a mobile product is also being offered.

A recent addition to mobile sportsbooks has been live betting, and this is offered by a handful of books, notably Bovada. This takes things to a new level... live betting via your mobile device and that really is both convenient and a great offering. Mobile sportsbooks now also offer a safe and secure mobile cashier, and that may be common now, but not too long ago, that was not the case, giving further proof of software development and spend on the mobile sportsbook solution.

One Account Fits Both Products

Mobile sportsbooks use the same login details for the regular online sportsbook, providing yet another user friendly feature. This means the same funds are able to be used in both, you may check your bets on your mobile device and you can place every type of wager that the regular online sportsbook offers. With no download, live and in play betting, the same bonuses as in the regular sportsbook and all of it fits into your pocket...it’s no wonder the mobile sportsbook is looking set to grow...and grow.