Depositing With Prepaid Visa into a US Sportsbook

Many US online sportsbooks now welcome prepaid Visa, in fact almost all do, and wherever you see the Visa sign, you may use prepaid Visa. The popularity of this depositing method is growing massively due to the unprecedented acceptance rate, its convenience and the fact that this method of payment will fund your online sportsbook account immediately. A prepaid Visa works in exactly the same way that a regular Visa credit card works in the sportsbook cashier, with all you needing to do to use it, is open your sportsbook account, head to the cashier and select the Visa option. You enter the card details, the amount you wish to deposit and just like a debit card, if there are sufficient funds on the card then it will work fine. It’s worth noting here that prepaid Visa and Visa Gift Cards work in the same way in a sportsbook cashier, for example should you purchase a $50 Visa Gift Card, you may use that to deposit $50 into your sportsbook account.

Sportsbooks that Accept Pre-Paid Visa

While all US online sportsbooks will accept a regular Visa credit card, as many of you may know, it is sometimes hard to get that card accepted due to restrictions in place by US banks, and while this has nothing to do with your actual card, it is a little frustrating, however prepaid Visa clears instantly and alleviates that problem. Many regular Visa cards do get accepted, however prepaid Visa is a perfect solution for those online bettors who have problems with their cards.

Where to Get a Prepaid Visa Card

Prepaid Visa cards are available at many convenience stores and gas stations, and Walmarts also stock many types of them. You simply pick up the card and load it with as much cash as you need and you’re good to go, and as long as the card is OK for online purchases, which almost all are, then you’re fine. An even easier option can be to simply pick up a Visa Gift card, it works in the exact same way and comes pre-loaded with the amount you’ve purchased.

Once you have the card you keep it and may top it up as and when you please, and it’s not only handy for your online sportsbook account, as it will be accepted in all places that Visa is permitted. Many people now use them instead of carrying cash around, and the safety and security reasons are obvious.

Types of Prepaid Visa Card

There are many types of prepaid Visa cards, the brand or name on the card is in no way important as to its functionality, and there are way too many to list here. The important thing is that the card is cleared for online or international purchases. There will be a small fee when using the card and that will differ as to what type of card you get, however that fee is indeed small, and a much cheaper option that many of the alternatives available, especially when you consider the safety and security, the convenience and the hassle free real money betting action that they provide.