How to Bet NCAA Football Lines

If you love college football as much as we do, you probably follow the point spreads. But, perhaps you weren’t aware of how easy it is to bet on sports online (specifically college football). The cool thing about online sports betting is you can place a wager in a matter of seconds from the comfort of your own home. No need to pack your bags and fly to Las Vegas to get some action on football. The sportsbooks come to you.

Before you get started betting online, we have a guide to help you find the right online sportsbook and a few college football betting tips so you can win some money. College football is a tough sport to wager on because there are so many upsets nowadays. You really need to know the teams well before making an investment. And you also need to know which online sportsbooks are best for betting on college football.

Tip #1: Don’t take random guesses or bet on emotion

The biggest mistakes inexperienced sports bettors make is to bet on emotion or simply make random guesses. You won’t beat the sportsbook if this is your strategy. If you’re a die-hard Michigan fan and know that you can’t be objective when it comes to predicting Michigan games, don’t place bets on games involving your beloved Wolverines. Watch the game from a fan’s perspective. You don’t need action on your favorite team’s games to make it interesting anyway!

Tip #2: Don’t buy into media hype

College football’s most elite programs (Alabama, USC, Florida, Texas, Ohio State, etc.) get far more respect from the general public than they deserve. The media is to blame. The general public buys into media hype and no sport has more media darlings than college football. Therefore, you’ll notice some great opportunities to bet against the general public on games involving the elite programs. Just because Lee Corso tells you Texas is unstoppable doesn’t make it true.

Tip #3: Know how much each bet pays out

Never place a wager until you’re aware of the exact payout. Before placing a bet, the best online sportsbooks will show you exactly how much you will win based on how much you wager. It’s important to know what you’ll get if you win because then you’ll know if there is good value in that bet. Never trust a online sportsbok that doesn’t disclose payouts. They may be hiding something.

Tip #4: Know the online sportsbook before making a deposit

When you deposit money into a online sportsbook, you are trusting that site with your money. Therefore, you must know the ins and outs of the sportsbook. We have created many comprehensive reviews of the best online sportsbooks. These sites are exceptional places to bet on college football and other sports. We only recommend sites that are trustworthy and have a great reputation in the sports betting community.

Tip #5: Use multiple online sportsbooks

College football lines vary from one sportsbook to another. Therefore, it’s best to have access to 2-3 online sportsbooks. That way you will always get the best lines. For example, if Dallas is –6.5 at one sportsbook and –7 at another, you will want to take them at –6.5 because then you will win if Dallas wins by a touchdown. Don’t just sign-up for multiple online sportsbooks. Sign-up and compare the odds and point spreads on each sportsbook.

Successfully betting on college football requires a combination of choosing the right online sportsbook and having the skill to accurately predict winners. You won’t always be right. There will be losses mixed in there, but if you play your cards right, you will end up in the black over the long haul. Good luck at the sportsbooks. We are here to help you find the perfect place to wager on college football online!

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