Chiefs at Seahawks Preview and Lines

We have just two weeks to go in the NFL regular season and both of these teams are in the mix and fighting right now. The Chiefs are currently in charge of the AFC, they hold onto the number one seed spot. The Houston Texans are just a win behind them, so the Chiefs have to keep going here, they cannot afford another defeat on top of the one they had last week.

The Seattle Seahawks are holding onto the 5th seed in the NFC, which currently give them a place in the wild-card round. However, there are a number of team’s queueing up to take over them, including the current Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. Both wild-card races look set to be exciting finishes, but the NFC has both the current champions and the losers from the NFC Championship game, Minnesota, so this is going to be explosive.

Onto this game itself, and the Kansas City Chiefs have a big hole to fill after releasing Kareen Hunt and to a certain extent we saw that in their loss last week. They are blessed with many talents, and that is what made them so unpredictable for opposing defences, they no longer have one of their weapons but they must focus on those still on the team, and how good they are. Tyreek Hill is now the clear ‘go to’ player on the roster,and if the Chiefs are going to make a big push for the Super Bowl, he is going to have to be on the top of his game for the next few weeks.

The Seattle Seahawks also lost last week against the San Francisco 49ers in a game that put them back in trouble as far as the playoffs go. They are still in the driving seat and are in as we stand right now, but other clubs are closer to them now. After an exceptional defensive performance to limit Minnesota to seven points a week earlier, they were poor last week handing 26 points to the 49ers.

Both teams are desperate to win this one but the team I am favouring here is the Kansas City Chiefs. They have a hole to fill after releasing Kareem Hunt, but there is still a huge amount of quality on their team, and they can win this one to keep the number one seed with just one game to go.