Four Chances to Win the NBA Finals But The Warriors May Only Need One

The Golden State Warriors are one game away after an impressive fightback to beat the Cleveland Warriors in game three of the NBA finals. At one point the Cleveland Cavaliers were 13 points ahead of the Warriors during the first half but threw the game away in the second half. Just one more win stands between the Warriors and another NBA title, they have four chances to win that game but they may only need one.

Before the season, I had expected the Cavs to win one game in this series, but after three games I have seen nothing to show me that they are capable of doing that. The Warriors are on another level right now, and no one in the world can keep up with them. Steph Curry was relatively quiet for his high standards, but the Warriors didn't mind because Kevin Durant was the one to step up with an impressive 43 point haul.

The Cavs have LeBron, and behind him, they are struggling, while the Warriors have Steph Curry, and then multiple other options behind him. That is the difference between being a good team and being a great team, and right now the Warriors are showing exactly why they are a great team. Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and admit that you are going up against a far better team, and if I'm inside the Cavs organisation that is what I'm doing now. They have to come up with a game plan to win game four and keep this series alive, although who knows where they should start.

The Warriors would love to win the title on their home court, but a series whitewash would be even sweeter, and that is what I think will happen. Despite being on the road they can beat the Cavs and put down the marker once again for those who think they can knock them off their top spot. I'm taking the Warriors to win again, this time by 5-10 points as they lift the NBA title.