Predict It is the Ultimate in Political Betting

Real money politics betting is on the up, especially with the US presidential race making things so interesting, and the brilliant new Predict It politics betting site has been specifically designed for those who wish to wager on political outcomes rather than sporting ones. Well designed, simple to register an account at and with betting markets galore, Predict It is a betting site with a difference, and one that will attract a different kind of gambler.

Predict It is different, not only on what markets you may wager on, but also in the way you wager, as it’s not just about putting your money where your mouth is. You’ll need to actually predict the outcome, and while that’s no different to actually placing a straight wager, what happens at Predict It is. Once you’ve registered your account you head to the markets section where you’ll see all ‘wagering’ options available.

You’ll see lists of future events, be they political or financial and each event is either a simple Yes or No outcome. Predict It gives each market a percentage probability of between 1% and 99% and each 1% is worth 1 cent. You may then trade your Predict It shares as the outcome of the event unfolds, either providing you with a profit, or a loss, and you can sell your shares in an event at anytime, again, either making a profit or taking a loss. Much of your potential earnings won’t come as to whether you have predicted the event correctly but via your skills as to when and if you sell your shares in any given market.

You may make offers for other Predict It members shares, and of course you’ll receive offers for yours and with the large amount of features and markets available it’ll take you a little while to get used to all that’s available on what is a very well designed, new and different betting site, but one that is well worth taking a closer look at, especially if you have plenty of political and financial knowledge.