What is Low Vig or Reduced Juice?

You'll see many US friendly online sportsbooks that offer reduced juice or low vig on selected games, you will even see zero juice offered on a few games...though not very often. But what is low vig or reduced juice, and why is it so good for you the sports bettor? Often called other things, notably in sportsbook promotions such as the Oddsmaker Nickel Night and Wednesday Night NFL Happy Hour, reduced juice or low vig are odds are a reduced amount that the bookies will take on the line. The cut that a bookmaker earns from a line is called the Vig or to give it it's full name Vigorish and in most US sportsbooks you will see lines of -110, a reduced juice line will usually be -105 with the bookie taking a 50% cut on the amount of profit that they are prepared to accept on the line for providing you the bettor with the action.

Example of a Reduced Juice or Low Vig Line

For this example let's imagine an ideal scenario with a totals line of -110. Both bettors want to win $100 so one bettor places $110 on the over and one places $110 on the under, and of course only one bettor can win. The bookie has accepted $220 in bets however no matter who wins that bookie will only pay $210...the initial bet of $110 + $100 in winnings to whoever wins the bet. The bookie keeps $10 and that is the bookies Vig. So a reduced juice line or a low vig line would be -105, meaning that to win $100 the bettor must only place $105 and the bookie would only make $5 in profit no matter who wins.

As you can see, the bettor benefits from a low vig line by having to risk less money to win the same amount, and although it is only a small percentage in the decrease of the risk, over time that can add up to a large amount. For the casual or recreational bettor, low vig lines may not seem that important, however to a bettor that is wagering all throughout an NFL season and risking plenty of money each week, then that low vig line is very valuable to them. Recreational bettors should use low vig or reduced juice lines and they will see a difference over the course of a season. It's quite often that the saving can add up to a fair amount, and it's always better to have a little less cash at risk. You will find that many books offer low vig specials on both NFL and NCAA Football and even if it's just the odd game each weekend or the occasional promotion, then it's well worth checking out.

Low Vig Live Betting

Low Vig sportsbooks offer a fantastic live betting option that adds a huge amount of online wagering entertainment to their overall product offering. Once you have signed up to Low Vig, in the sportsbook section you will see the live betting option. In this section you will see a selection of live betting options, and obviously this will be limited to what's happening right that minute, or coming up shortly. Games that are due for the off will have the time clearly marked next to them so you don't miss a second of live betting action.

Why Live Betting?

Live betting has swept across Europe over the last few years, simply because online wagering fans want to bet in-play. It adds so much more excitement and, for the serious sports bettor it can give you a few 'outs'. Should the game not be going your way on your fixed price bets then no problem, simply jump into the live betting section and lay off potential losses. Low Vig live betting gives you up to the second odds on a solid wagering platform meaning that during the game you never miss a beat. It really does add a whole new dimension to sports betting and makes it so much more entertaining. You'll be offered in play betting on NFL, NBA games, NHL, Tennis, Soccer, MLB and plenty more. If it's live, it will be available and there will be in play wagering options for you.

Low Vig Live NFL

During the NFL season, from week 1 right through to Super Bowl you'll find live, in-play betting on plenty of games making your season simply incredible. Remember that you'll be offered low vig, reduced juice lines meaning you get more bang for your buck to start with, then add on the live betting that is available and your season could very well be one to remember. You'll see an easy to use betslip at the right hand side of the live betting page, it's easy to use and gets your wager on in record time. Live betting is a major plus point and a great reason to get signed up to Low Vig right now.

What is Low Vig?

Maybe before you sign up and deposit at Low Vig you should know what low vig means and why it makes sense to take advantage of it. In the simplest terms possible low vig means better odds and a lower bookies edge. This does not give you a better chance of winning each bet you make, it means that you will win more money on your winning bets. This will in turn mean that your wagering profits are higher and a losing bet may not hit your bankroll as hard due to the fact that you win more on the bets that pay. The lines you will see available will be at odds of -105 rather than the standard -110 meaning that for a $100 payout you only need to wager $105 rather than the US sportsbook regular amount of $110.

Why Shop Elsewhere?

That makes sense in so many ways and over a period of time adds up to a huge amount of cash. It's like having 2 grocery stores next to your house, with one selling the basics at a slightly higher price...you just simply wouldn't shop there, you would get the best price you could for doing the exact same thing and that is why Low Vig is a great option for sports bettors - it simply offers great value. Low Vig provides exceptional value if you intend to wager over the course of an NFL season. Just think how many bets you place in one season, add on all the wagers you place on other sports and then think how much more you could have won by using Low Vig..it really is as simple as that. It's not only NFL either, there many lines where you will find low vig available and once you start using the better prices at Low Vig you won't want to place your bets anywhere else.

So now you know that low vig simply means a better price, giving you better value for your money and helping you build a bigger bankroll. There is no catch with low vig it is quite simply an online sportsbook that offers discounted lines to all of its members and this is the primary reason you should wager with Low Vig Sportsbook.

Low Vig Sportsbook

The superb Low Vig online sportsbook offers absolutely everything the sports wagering enthusiast could ask for, at a better price than they could get it anywhere else. Don't even bother trying, you will not get a better deal anywhere else online. The name of this sportsbook gives it all away, Low Vig, reduced juice, and this means that is what you will get. Most books will offer you lines of -110, not at Low Vig as you'll find plenty of lines at -105 on the spread, giving you more cash on every single winning bet. It's a great value sportsbook and offers an unbeatable amount of sports wagering options.

Wagering Options at Low Vig Sportsbook

You'll find that when signing up with Low Vig sportsbook you will be offered plenty of wagering options on all major sports and more. As well as the extremely popular US sports of NFL, NBA, MLB and of course college football and hoops you'll find that Low Vig will offer lines on pretty much everything. The growing popularity of soccer means that as well as offering MLS wagering options you will also find plenty of European leagues available as well as all major soccer tournaments. There's boxing and golf, martial arts and tennis too, just about everything you may wish to wager on. There's also a good futures section and you'll find all NFL future wagering options in there. Also, if there is anything special happening in the world of sports wagering they will have it covered and all major sports events will have plenty of options for wagering fans. It really is a superb sports wagering offering and when you add the live betting option on top of that you are left with the complete sports wagering package.

Extra Features

There are several cool features too such as the option to change the odds into your desired format and you may choose American odds, decimal or even fractional. You are also able to search games by using the rotation number and use the filter to making so much faster getting to your bet. The bet slip is simple and functional and on the right hand side of the screen next to the odds, you'll see a + sign that allows you to give it a click and open up plenty more wagering options on the game.

Low Vig Casino

The Low Vig casino is an absolutely fantastic state of the art online casino that truly compliments the low vig sportsbook. Similar to low vig poker, the casino is in no way a secondary product and this offering boasts plenty of online casino games that include all of your favorites. Again, like other Low Vig products you will not be offered huge reload bonuses with wagering requirements that you may not meet, but you will get something which every casino games player wants, and that is money back. You will receive a sweet 0.15% cashback on every single wager that you make. Please note that this rebate is on the total amount you wager, and it makes no difference if you win or lose the bet, you still receive the rebate on that amount. This rebate is given every day, it does not have an expiration date or a promotion code, it is here to stay. Doesn't sound a lot? Think again, as that can add up to some serious amounts of cash, that goes directly back into your account, and when you see and start playing the games on offer you may be playing a while!

Games at Low Vig Casino

Once you are signed up at Low Vig you'll have access to some great casino games including 6 deck blackjack, single hand blackjack and Spanish blackjack along with roulette, craps, baccarat, 3 card poker and Caribbean stud. There's plenty of video poker on offer with many varieties such as jacks or better, deuces wild, aces and eights and double bonus. There's also online slots like Serpents Treasure, Pirates Revenge, Bounty Hunter and retro Sci-Fi, along with specialty games like video keno and video bingo. The games are all user friendly and simple to play with high wagering limits and plenty of excitement making the Low Vig casino extremely popular with all members. There is no casino software to download, you simply decide which game you wish to play and then click on the icon.

Support and Banking

Should you ever experience any issue or have any questions regarding the Low Vig casino then the customer support team are at hand around the clock to assist you in any way they can. You may contact them via email or live chat. To play real money casino games you will need to make a deposit and there are plenty of options available to you including Visa, bank wire, person to person, book to book Bitcoin and Neteller.

Low Vig Horses

The Low Vig racebook offers a 7% daily rebate that's paid in cash each and every single day. The 7% rebate is an ongoing deal, there is no promotion code and no time limit attached, it's a simple standard rebate that makes the Low Vig racebook so attractive to horse racing fans. As well as the rebate you'll find odds on all races that day along with specialist support and racing bookmakers that know what they are doing. Low Vig will not offer promotions with wagering requirements that tie up your cash, they will however offer you the best value there is to be found when it comes to wagering on horses and sports.

Many US sportsbooks tag on a racebook almost as a secondary product, but that is not the case at Low Vig where racing is taken seriously.... on the daily. You'll find high wagering limits and also horse matchups making it a stand out racebook. There are track limits in place of course and on category A tracks such as Belmont Park, Churchill Down, Del Mar, Hollywood Park and Santa Anita you'll get a per race maximum net profit limit of a cool $25,000. Category B track limits are set at $15,000 per race and the sliding scale goes all the way down to category E tracks with a $2,500 limit per race.

Solid Wagering Platform

Horse race bettors from across the US enjoy wagering on the Low Vig racebook and the solid wagering platform means that getting your bets on is a simple and swift process. It's a fact that plenty of bets are placed at the last minute and the superb Low Vig platform is solid at peak time meaning they you can bet right up until the off.

As well as the racebook Low Vig offers a fantastic reduced juice sportsbook that offers unbeatable -105 lines a fantastic online poker room that offers great tournaments and cash games as well as a state of the art online casino that serves up blackjack, roulette, craps and much more including a fine array of uniquely themed online slots. When it comes to funding your account at Low Vig you'll find a good selection of deposit options that will include Visa and other methods that are perfect for the US player. Make Low Vig your one stop shop for all your online gaming needs, you will not be disappointed.

Great Choice of Skill Games

With each of the five skill games you get to play for free or for real money, and the games are Dominoes, Yahtzee, Gin Rummy, Spades and Tonk. We are sure you are pretty familiar with some and possibly all of the games, however should you need a refresher on any of the rules, then Low Vig offer help and play guides making sure that you fully understand the game before you play for real money. There's also a strategy guide to each game that may give you a winning edge. The only game you made not be aware of is Tonk but it's a simple and exciting game to play. They are a lot of fun and a great deal of funand are a great addition to the portfolio of wagering options available at Low Vig.

Depositing Options and Support at Low Vig

In order to play skill games for real money you will need to fund your account and Low Vig make this a simple process via their safe and secure cashier. Deposit methods are Visa, Neteller, Person to Person, Bank Wire Book to Book and Skrill and should you ever have a problem making a deposit then you should contact customer support and they will assist you in any way that they can.