You gotta fight, for your right.... to Parlay!

With the introduction of a bill that would see to legalize and regulate online gambling in the US, all except online sports betting, what does this mean for offshore operators and those doing business in the US at present?

Let’s look at point 8 of the proposal: 8. Applies tough penalties to unlicensed operators. One major goal of this bill is to put them, and their off-shore, untaxed, unregulated services, out of business, forever.

Is it Doomed to Fail?

Is point 8 is saying that the US would basically not recognize licensing and regulation that has been granted outside of the US? It appears so. In many opinions, mine included, this bill will change nothing as far as offshore casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks are concerned, due to the fact that they don’t recognize or respect them at present anyways. They have been down this road before, with the WTO ruling in favor of Antigua and Barbuda, and I can’t see how this is any different, or maybe I am wrong. To cut to the chase, the bill has a lot of work to do to even get noticed as there’s strong opposition to it, and let’s not forget the fact that 3 states may have legalized online poker, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, but in many other states proposed legalization fell flat on its face, New York, Washington, Illinois, Hawaii, Iowa and Mississippi all dropped it like a hot potato. In California there is still much bickering and there will be no more states that legalize online poker in 2013. Even the Poker Players Alliance is not putting much cash on this one with John Pappas saying, “I think it's too early to say what the chances are for federal legislation in this Congress, but I will say it's probably a longer shot than it was in the previous congress.”

The bill is in fact way too complicated and takes too many issues into consideration, one of them being the opt out clause and they have 120 days to do that. That’s nowhere near enough time for states to make a decision. Tribes in any state that wishes to say no to online gambling may still offer it themselves but only to residents on their’s all a bit messy, and far from a clean ‘one rule for all’ bill. There’s already talk of the proposal not making it, as did all of those that came before it. We watch and wait.

As far as US online sportsbook are concerned it’s business as usual and as we roll slowly towards NFL season 2014 who would want to wager anywhere else anyways? There are some outstanding offerings out there for US sports bettors, books like Carbon Sports and many others, with a few options for you below.