Delaware Sports Betting

You might wonder at why the particular name of the great state of Delaware leads this article; fact is, Delaware sports betting has a storied history in the annals of online casino gaming and the sportsbook. It is the first state to actually legalize sports betting after legislation barring it was struck down (finally) by Congress. There’s very little reason why your government, after all, should be telling grown men and women that you cannot play games of chance using your hard-earned cash.

What Caused Sports Betting to Shut Down Before?

A short amount of history is in order to understand what happened. In the years prior to 1992, when former New York mayor Bill Bradley was in office, he instituted the PASPA bill, which stands for The Professional and amateur Sports Protection Act. This unfortunate bill trampled on the rights of free citizens throughout the country by banning sports betting in every single state except for the Native American stronghold, Nevada. The bankrupt rationale behind the bill was to allegedly “keep youth from betting on sports”, as if this isn’t the parent’s job.

Fortunately, there was still some small recourse in the states of Montana, Oregon and Delaware that allowed some quasi-sports betting because of the one-year grace period that the PASPA bill allowed, as long as they filed at year’s end. Unfortunately, unless you lived in or close enough to any of those states to justify driving across state lines just to indulge your favorite pastime, you were out of luck - until now.

The Present-Day Status of the PASPA Bill

Recently, just this past May 2018, the Law of the Land, the Supreme Court, struck down the PASPA Bill, which now means that it’s up to the individual states to legislate whether or not they will allow online sports betting (offline, as well) in their jurisdiction. If you live in Delaware, then you can be assured that sports betting will be a thing for as far into the future as the eye can see - remember; they were only the state that made certain not to allow themselves to fall under federal purview during the grace period of the now defunct PAPSA bill, which was an ill-conceived mandate to begin with.

The road to allowing Delaware Sports betting in all aspects even stretched beyond the online space, much to the approval of the residents of the Diamond State. After all, Delaware was the very first state, way back in 1787, to ratify the Constitution - so it’s used to leading the charge when it comes to groundbreaking legislation for the benefit of its residents. After a long and arduous journey to the top court in the land, in a proper decision, most of the Supreme Court Justices ruled that the PASPA Bill was not consistent with the strictures of the Constitution. Congress was not given the right to regulate their citizens in such a fashion, thereby invalidating the previous decision of the Third Circuit, which the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States) thereupon reversed.

Despite this new amendment to an unpopular legislation, it is important to remember that Delaware was already one among just a few states that had gambling even during the abominably restrictive PASPA era. This change simply serves to expand the scope of their single-game wagers, futures bets and more. Legal sports betting has been around in the Diamond State for years now; in fact, Delaware sports betting had been taking place inside three casinos (at least) since the early 2018s. This shouldn’t be surprising, given that, since the year 2009, there has been a state lottery that increased its scope to allowing parlay bets - which are usually allowed only in horse racing. Litigators fought the Supreme Court’s decision to try and gain back ground by repealing their right to gamble all the way to the recent day, when PASPA was finally reversed, and the decision place squarely back in the hands of the populace (more or less). Now, you can find it extending even into the online gaming space.

How to Indulge in Delaware Sports Betting

It’s not hard to come by perfectly legal sports betting in the First State, which is the unofficial moniker by which Delaware is known, given its storied history as the very first state in The Union to ratify the Constitution. Delaware sports betting is pretty much legal throughout the entire expanse of the land - especially now that the PASPA bill was overturned by the Supreme Court. Before then, you could only find the sports betting in select locations.

Today, you can bet at the so-called “racinos”, DE Sportsbooks, online jurisdictions and more. In fact, Web Wager has several partners that provide legal sports betting on all manner of teams and professional games of skill. In fact, in the rush to expand its already robust offering, Delaware made sure that it was the primary post-PASPA state in the US to make sports betting available to every resident of the state. In fact, Mr. Vernon Kirk, who is the current state lottery top administrator, implemented initiatives to retrain existing state employees in properly offering the new spate of sports betting services.

What will you find, in these post PASPA Bill days, at the new crop of online and offline casinos that are popping up everywhere (in states that have seen the light, anyway)? In particular, in Delaware, the sports betting has reached a fever-pitch. It turns out that citizens like the ability to do with their money as they please - as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, of course.

As a result, you can indulge in fast-paced horse betting at a racino, or do it from the comfort of your office where the modern-day processing power of the latest smartphones or tablets can display the real time results with lightning speed. You don’t have to worry about losing betting opportunities, as long as you have a wifi connection or sufficient mobile data. Additionally, at most casinos today, not only is there a sportsbook on which you can make qualified wagers on your favorite team sports, but there’s a casino, as well. On the same website, you can slide on over to the table games section and give various versions of roulette a spin. Alternatively, you can indulge in a multitude of video poker incarnations and then the inimitable video slots.

The Sports Betting Options in Delaware

Chumba Casino is one of the more popular Delaware sports betting destinations, with offers such as a $2 Free Sweeps Cash, a $10 Deposit Bonus, obvious acceptance of US Players, a multitude of real money cashout options, and the ability to make qualified deposits with both credit cards and debit cards. By signing up expeditiously you can take advantage of the many bonus offers inside - but hurry, as they tend to change; there’s no reason to worry though since new ones crop up frequently.

The three racinos mentioned earlier - all of which can be found in any Delaware city directory in the online space - are:

  • Harrington Raceway and Casino - this is located at 18500 S. Dupont Highway in, of course, the state of Delaware, at Zip Code: 19952. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call them at [302] 398 - 4920.
  • Delaware Park Casino - this crowd favorite is located at 777 Delaware Park Blvd., in the large city of Wilmington in Delaware, at Zip Code: 19804. Qualified professionals are on hand to answer any questions you may have at [800] 417 - 5687.
  • Dover Downs is the third racino, and is fully available now that the abominable legislation of PASPA has been overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States. The address is 1131 North Dupont Highway in the city of Dover, Delaware, at Zip Code: 19901. The number to the establishment is [800] 772 - 7777.

Check back here at any time for more news on Delaware Sports Betting - especially as more and more information is released on legal online casinos and sportsbooks for gamblers.