Early Odds for Super Bowl 50 - The Golden Super Bowl

Super Bowl 49 is done and dusted and before the Vince Lombardi Trophy is yet to gather a speck of dust in the Patriots trophy cabinet the odds for next years winners, Super Bowl 50, are already available. Tom Brady has 4 Super Bowl rings and as far as the bookies are concerned he could be making it 5 on February 7th 2016 at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara California as the Patriots are at present 7.00 second favorites to win for a second year in a row, while the Seahawks, somewhat unsurprisingly are placed as favorites at 6.50. There's a very good chance that either of those two teams could go all the way and after the Green Bay Packers at 8.00 with Bovada Sports at the moment, the rest are a little way behind as far as the odds for Super Bowl 50 go.

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Looking a little further down the list the Dallas Cowboys and the Indianapolis Colts are both standing at 13.00 while just below those two are the Denver Broncos on 15.00. It would be a difficult call to place a bet on any team outside of that bunch, but if you know something that the bookies don't then you can get 21.00 on the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, the Steelers and the 49ers while the New Orleans Saints are at 26.00. There's a whole heap of teams at the 41.00 mark including the Falcons, Giants, Bears, Bengals and Houston Texans and right down there at the bottom there's the Jacksonville Jaguars at 201. The full list of odds is available at Bovada sportsbook right now.

Those odds, barring some major changes to any given franchise, will remain pretty much the same right up until the kickoff game which will take place on Thursday September 10th 2015, beginning the 96th season in the history of the National Football League. The 2015 regular season ends on January 3 after each team has played their 16 games, and of course by then the odds on the Super Bowl 50 winners will have changed dramatically, at least one would think. Should you like what you see at Bovada on the early odds then there's no harm in laying down a few bucks right now, and while you're there you can also take advantage of the welcome bonus too.

Bovada will be providing all that you need throughout the 2015 NFL season and although it's a long way off until the Golden Super Bowl kicks off, there's plenty of other things going on to keep the US sports bettor happy.