Cavs Fighting to Keep Series Alive at Home in Game Six

The Eastern Conference final has so far gone the way of the home team in each of the five games that have taken place. Two wins for the Celtics were followed by two wins for the Cavs, and then another win for the Celtics to make the series 3-2 going back to Cleveland. That game takes place on Friday, and the Cavs must win to keep this series alive, a win for the Celtics and its game over for the Cavs, with Boston reaching the NBA final.

Despite both teams having a huge amount of quality, this series has seen some big victories, with the home team looking unstoppable at times. The Celtics have won their three home games by 25, 13 and 13, but failed to make any progress on the road. The Cavs won their home games by 30 and 9, showing that they can also dominate when given the chance. This looks like it may go to a game seven, where the Cavs would have to work out how they are going to win in Boston if they want to progress, but for now, they have to concentrate on winning this home game and forcing a game seven.

The one advantage that Boston have coming into Cleveland for game six is that they don’t have to win, and there is no pressure on them. Had you given them the chance to win this series at home in game seven, they would have taken it, so this game six is, in theory, a free shot for them. That looseness may help them match up against the Cavs a little better, although they still look like they are going to struggle.

In what could be LeBron James’ final game for the Cleveland Cavaliers, his teammates have to rally around him and get into the game. When they get into the game, the Cavs look to be on top, but when they leave him to try and win it himself, the Celtics take control. Another big margin victory wouldn’t surprise me here, and this is a game I think the Cavs are going to win, forcing a game seven in this series. I’m going to back the Cavs to win this game by 15-20 points, and then get ready for Sunday when this series will end in Boston, with the winner making the NBA final.