Packers at Vikings Preview

Two genuinely talented offensive teams go head to head on Sunday night, with both in need of a win if they are to get into the playoffs this season. While it is their offensive play that grabs the headlines, I think it's fair to say that both teams would be in a far better position with a little help on the defensive side of the football.

Kirk Cousins was paid big bucks by the Vikings to go in and lead their team to a Super Bowl, though despite improving their quarterback the Vikings look further away now than they did last season. Having said that, Cousins and his link with Adam Thielen has given us something special to watch all season long. The Thielen went over 1000 receiving yards last weekend, and with seven touchdowns too, he is the clear MVP of this Vikings roster this season.

While we are talking about star receivers who are their team's MVP, we should touch on Devante Adams, who is set to move over 1000 receiving yards himself when these two meet on Sunday, he is just 47 away going into the game. Adams has nine touchdowns, and any Packers fan who was concerned what Jordy Nelson left at the start of this season shouldn't be worried anymore, Aaron Rodgers has his new man and it is Devante Adams.

I'm sure every game preview will talk about the battle between Rodgers and Cousins, or the one between Thielen and Adams but it is on the other side of the ball where this game will be won. Who can stop those players from having an impact on the game? Whoever does, wins this ball game for me. If the Vikings prevent Rodgers connecting with Adams, they win. If the Packers prevent Cousins finding Thielen, they win.

I am going to side with the Minnesota Vikings here, I think when you compare every area of the team they are the slightly better team, and the ones most likely to find a big defensive play from somewhere. It won't be easy stopping the Packers, and they will get points on the board, but I think the Vikings are going to have more success when it comes to stopping, and that will be enough for them to win the game. I'm backing the Vikings here, which would really put the Packers behind the eight ball in terms of a playoff position.