and Twitter the Perfect Combo!

Many US online sportsbooks ask you to give them a like on Facebook, give their articles a +1 on Google+ and of course follow them on Twitter, but what do you get out of it? For sure you'll get news of the occasional promotion or bonus, however give a little extra, especially to their Twitter followers by serving up the Twitter Prediction promotion that gives you the chance to get a little more than just a thanks. The Twitter Predictor at simply asks you to predict the outcome of an event that they will post by simply replying to their message, and one lucky winner will get their hands on a free $100.

It really is that cool and that simple and one of the best sportsbook and social media promotions that we've come across. You will of course need both a account and to follow them on Twitter (Sportsbook_com) and you're in with a shot of the free money. As well as the Predictor contest you will then have all news delivered to your Twitter account and they're pretty active on that front, delivering the latest wagering trends, news and more exclusive Twitter promotions. Right now of course we're deep into March Madness so the competitions on Twitter will focus on that and NBA, however as sporting seasons change so do of course the prediction questions. As well as getting in on this great promotion, as soon as you're account is open you'll be offered the great welcome deal, the refer a friend offer and the free $25 match bet offered on the mobile sportsbook.