Draft Kings Fantasy Sports

Draft Kings Fantasy Sports gives you the chance to enjoy real money fantasy sports as part of leagues and contests of all sizes, and in many different sports. Draft Kings serves up a lobby of sports leagues that makes some online poker rooms shabby, you'll find just so much there, with guaranteed prizes, qualifiers, head to heads and so much more, and it's all so easy to get involved in. There's also a section which as a new Draft Kings member that you should take a look at and that's the beginners section in which you get to hone your fantasy sports skills before really stepping up to the plate. Draft KIng fantasy sports is 100% legal in both the US and Canada and once you start playing you'll see just how exciting the daily contests and the quick fire action can be.

There are huge prizes to be won at Draft Kings with tournaments that offer prize pools into the millions of dollars, but you'll also find that it's not expensive to enjoy and you can get in on the action for just a few bucks. Should you wish you can even create your own competitions and challenge your friends, and it's all so simple.

Getting Started at Draft Kings

Opening your Draft Kings account is simple and within a minute you'll be done. The next step is to create your lineup, and that is all down to you. You pick your team and keep to the salary limits and you'll find that getting your lineup together is easy, with the software really doing most of the work for you. You choose your contest and that may be any of the real money fantasy sports contests on offer, you can create your own or you may invite and challenge your friends, it's your call.

You will find loads of helpful advice and tips on the site and there's also the great playbook section that gives you a heap of info and stats. There's a whole lot more than NFL to choose from too and you may play in MLB, NBA, NHL and more on top. Unlike previous or more traditional fantasy sports, Draft Kings contests are fast and you get paid on the daily, and there's no waiting around for season long team results...it's quick, it's intense and it's a whole lot of fun.

Playing Real Money Fantasy Sports

Draft Kings make it easy for you to play and enjoy real money fantasy sports and funding your Draft Kings account is simple. There are many safe and secure ways to fund an account and many US residents will use Paypal, as withdrawing winnings is instant and you have the cash in your hand before you know it.