Cleveland Head Home Ready to Destroy the Raptors

The Cleveland Cavaliers have finally arrived. Despite the Toronto Raptors being the top seed in this tie, LeBron James and Co have shown them how to play playoff basketball over the first two games of this series. To make it worse for the Raptors, they now have to head to Cleveland to play two games against the Cavs in their own barn starting on Saturday night. Just when the Raptors thought it couldn’t get much worse, it is about to.

A lot of people criticised the Cavs during the regular season, and rightly so because they looked devoid of confidence and certainly not like a team who were about to challenge for the NBA title. However, in recent games, they have come to life, exactly when they needed to. In the most recent game, game two the Cavs won by 18 points, showing their dominance over the Raptors for a second time, LeBron the leader again with a hugely impressive 43 points on the board. Two things need to happen for LeBron to shine, the first is that he plays against a team that have no clue how to defend him, and the second is that he is playing with heart and passion, enabling him to find his top gear. We have seen him play at this level for a couple of weeks now and he has been a joy to watch, while he is in this mood the Cavs look a pretty unstoppable force it has to be said. Aside from finding a way to stop LeBron, the Raptors have to find more scoring if they are to keep up with the Cavs, their top scoring in game two, DeMar DeRozan scored 24 points, nearly half the total scored by his opposite number. This series promised to be a great one between an up and coming Raptors team and a slowly fading Cavs team. However, so far this has been easy for the Cavs and there is no reason to think they cannot continue that heading back home to Cleveland. They look to have a great chance of winning game three on Saturday night and can take it by a wide margin yet again, I have them winning by around 10-15 points. After that, just one game stands between them and a clean sweep of the Raptors, something you certainly wouldn’t bet against right now.