Cavaliers Look Too Strong for Understrength Celtics

The Eastern Conference NBA final will see the Cleveland Cavaliers go up against the Boston Celtics in what should be a great series and one that the Bovada NBA bookies will have lines up for, whether you wish to wager on each game or on the series result. Both teams have had their problems over the course of the season, Boston has had a number of key players injured while the Cavs have had real problems coming together as a team. However, this is the playoffs and there are no excuses to make, this will come down to who wants it the most. The Cleveland Cavaliers have looked like a completely different team in the playoffs so far, they look the team of old and most of that has been down to LeBron James while will come as no surprise. This may be the last playoff series that LeBron plays for the Cavs, and he is certainly playing as though something as big as that is on the line. We will find out this summer what he does but for now, you can tell that his focus is firmly on making the Cavs as good as they can possibly be. He has been playing like a man possessed so far, and dominated the Toronto Raptors in the previous round. Things are pretty simple for the Cavs, if LeBron brings his A game again for this series, they will win the series and make the NBA final.


The Celtics have a long-term plan to bring success to their franchise and so far they have done very well to get this far when you consider the players they currently have out of the line-up. This isn’t supposed to be the year they have success, but the deeper they go in the playoffs, the more their youngsters are going to learn. This will only help them in the future and there is no doubt about it when the Celtics get healthy and have more experience in their line-up, they are going to cause a lot of problems for teams in the NBA. This should be a very good series, but if these two play like they have in recent games then the Cleveland Cavaliers look to be far too strong for the Celtics. LeBron James is playing some unbelievable basketball, and with all the injuries in this Celtics team, they simply have no one who can stand up to him. He can dominate the series like he did against the Raptors, leading to a win for the Cavs and a place in the final.