Jackpot Sevens Slots

Jackpot Sevens Slots is a NetEnt exclusive title with an RTP of 96.01%! This game is highly volatility, but this is due to the sheer amount of bonus features and ways to win! Jackpot Sevens Slots is a scratch card slots game with a goal to collect as many diamonds and 7s as possible! 15 diamonds will win players the diamond jackpot, and 5 7s will earn the 7s jackpot! These dual jackpots along with the ability to earn multiple other bonuses and free spins make it an absolute fan favorite!

NetEnt has created a game closer to classic slots titles than anything else. Symbols to match range from lemons, plums, cherries, strawberries, oranges and watermelons! The diamonds lingering with jackpot 7s are what players will be seeking, but matching 5 of a kind of any fruit nets solid return! Five melons wil net players 8000x their wager as will five strawberries! Matching 5 of any of the rest of the fruits will net players 4000x their wager!

The nature of the game is highly volatile as players can earn anywhere from 4000 to 8000x their wager! A maximum win of 200,000x a single bet can come with multiple fruits on the board matching 5 of a kind, if one can fill the board it would equate to a life changing jackpot! The Lucky 7s jackpot also offers players a whopping 200,000 multiplier to anything wagered, and small star scatters offer bonuses of their own!

There are so many neatly tucked mechanics in Jackpot Sevens Slots that offer immense bonuses, and this is all in addition to the gorgeous visuals and thumping synth background music. The background feels like cracked Earth with power seeping through, and it adds to the cyber look of the game. Jackpot Sevens Slots has a max bet of 50 credits a spin, and it will take max wagers to attain prizes like the massive Lucky 7s jackpot!

Jackpot Sevens Slots is available at most online casinos offering the latest and greatest in slots titles! NetEnt has created a demo mode in which players can hop in risk free with 2,000 credits at their disposal! This mode introduces the mechanics and allows players to strategize their wagers without losing anything! This is a simplistic yet addictive slots title that has a focus on visuals, ambiance, and max jackpots! There's no reason to not sign up and jump into the action today!