Celtics Face Huge Character Test Going into Cleveland

The Boston Celtics are edging towards something very special in the Eastern Conference NBA finals. They lead the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-0 after the first two games in Boston, but now face their biggest character test yet, when they travel to Cleveland and the Bovada NBA bookies have you covered from every angle. The Celtics have been decimated by injuries over the past few weeks and months, but they are still in it and more importantly, they are favourites to get to the final with the position they have put themselves in. Game three will have huge significance in this series. The Cavs have to find a way to pull back some momentum while the Celtics know if they can overcome the test in front of them they have one foot in the final.

While the Cavs are 2-0 down in this series, the best player on the court has comfortably been LeBron James. His issue is that despite changes made at the trade deadline, this team is not good enough to go with him. Despite how impressive he has been and how he has put this team on his back, there is no doubt he will be disappointed with how the other players have been around him. Those players have to step up now they are back on their home court and show LeBron that they are in it to win it with him and that they want to be a successful team. As an interesting side note to this, should the Cavs be eliminated here while LeBron is playing some of his best basketball, it makes you wonder whether that will push him even further towards leaving this team and joining someone else who can provide him with more tools.

The Celtics know they hold the upper hand and they can win this series without winning in Cleveland. However, they also know that taking just one of the games over the next two on the road will bring them even closer to success, giving them the chance to clinch in front of their home fans in game five. This team has shown great resilience, if they are honest they know they have no answer for LeBron, but they are showing that complete team basketball can win the day over individual talent.

As far as game three goes, with the home crowd behind them, I think the Cavs can pull one back here. LeBron will be his usual self, others have to step up and they are beginning to be desperate, I think the Cavs will just take this one with a margin of 5-10 points.