BetGuardian Review

BetGuardian is about as solid as a US friendly sportsbook can come. They started way back in 1994 and the fact that they are still in business says a lot about them. We hear nothing but good things where they are concerned and as well as offering a bounty of wagering options, they also get the thumbs up when it comes to pay outs. Cashing out is the one thing that all sportsbook users take into consideration when choosing a book, some may have great lines, some great support....but if it's not backed up with reliable pay outs it doesn't stand for much. BetGuardian is more than a book too, it offers both a casino and a racebook for those horse bettors out there. It's a simple sign up process to get you going and the site itself it very easy to navigate meaning it takes you no time at all getting where you wanna be. Once you are signed up you get to enjoy all the benefits of placing your bets with BetGuardian.

Other US Sportsbooks

Bet Guardian is by no means your only option and it's always good to weigh up your options when choosing your online bookie. Here are some of the very best US sportsbooks round..

BetGuardian Wagering Options

So, what's on offer? The answer is just about everything you can think of. All major US sports are well and truly covered as you would expect. There's NFL, NBA, NBA, MLB, NCAA and MLS. Soccer is a growing market for US books as with longer seasons it's available most of the year round and BetGuardian have all the major leagues covered. If that isn't for you then there's golf, nascar, hockey, tennis, martial arts and boxing. Also, if there's a special event, they'll throw lines up on that too. There's plenty of promotions and deposit bonuses up for grabs as soon as you sign up and when you make that first deposit you'll get a little something special on top. As part of the package you'll also become a member of the BetGuardian Rewards program and they often give rebates on the horses, casino bonuses and sportsbook promotions.

BetGuardian Mobile Wagering

Along with the regular website BetGuardian offers a mobile version. The mobile site is in sync with the regular site so only one account is required. It's always best to sign up through the normal site and make your deposits there too, but after that you are good to go, and wee mean go.....anywhere, you have a mobile sportsbook in your pocket! There is no download involved and it can be used on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. You can place bets, track bets and it also gives you real time scores and stats. It's safe and it's secure and you can access your BetGuardian account from anywhere there's internet available, most bars have it now, so you're all good.

Funding Your BetGuardian Account

From the US the fastest method to use to get funds into your account is by using a major credit card and many are accepted at BetGuardian. However, there are other options you may use such as bank wire, cashiers checks, or person to person transfer. For non US customers there's also Neteller, MoneyBookers and Ukash available. Should you ever have any trouble making a deposit then contact their customer support and they will help you out. Sign up now and enjoy!