BitBet Sportsbook

The name kind of gives this particular online sportsbook away, and you've probably already guessed correctly that it's a sportsbook that uses Bitcoins as a method when both depositing and withdrawing funds. Unlike other sportsbooks that accept the digital currency however, Bitbetis a little different in that it only accepts Bitcoins and you will not be able to operate a real money account with anything else. It's not only a sportsbook either as Bitbet also delivers a Bitcoin racebook and a Bitcoin casino too, giving it a decent selection of products.

The Ease of Opening a Bitbet Account

Opening a Bitbet account is done by simply entering your email address and choosing a password, it really is as simple as that. Due to the fact that Bitcoin is an anonymous currency then you will not have to provide any personal details, and your account will not need any kind of verification. That's one thing about Bitcoin that users find so attractive, and although Bitcoin sportsbooks have yet to become the mainstay, maybe Bitbet can prove that they are worth taking a more serious look at, and once you've registered, you'll find a perfectly sound sportsbook with all the lines and wagering options you could ask for. All types of bets are available, and don't be put off by the fact that each Bitcoin is worth a fair few hundred bucks, as at Bitbet you wager in milibitcoins that breaks them down into 1/1000.

Using Bitcoins at Bitbet

Signing up is simple and the wagering options that you're looking for are available, so what about actually getting Bitcoins into your account to wager with? To do that you will first need a Bitcoin wallet and there are many available to choose from, and Bitbet will provide you with links and information on how to do just that. To open up a BItcoin wallet you'll just need a valid email address, and after that you simply purchase Bitcoins and your wallet is loaded up and ready to go. Depositing into Bitbet from that wallet is similar to making any e-wallet transaction and you'll just need to use your Bitcoin wallet address to do it. It's very simple, and it's very fast and after going through the whole process ourselves we can see why people do use this payment method. When requesting a withdrawal, the same process is followed and unlike waiting for a check or a wire, your Bitcoins are delivered in just a few minutes.

Why Choose Bitbet?

We can see quiet clearly why this type of sportsbook will work, and work well as making transactions is so simple and fast. You may think that going through the process of setting up a Bitcoin wallet and purchasing Bitcoins is a pain, however that's not that case, in fact we found it easier doing this than opening an e-wallet account back in the day. It's quite simply a new currency and a new way to do things and while it will take some time to really bed in, it has a good chance of doing just that, and succeeding, and with Bitbet being one of the first Bitcoin sportsbooks out there, it's well worth getting signed up to now.