Great Way to Tackle Problem Gambling!

Ohio gambling regulators have come up with a novel way of tackling problem gambling and $2 Million is being spent on a huge marketing effort to confront and combat it. A group of 4 state agencies called Ohio for Responsible Gambling joined forces with a marketing agency and are using a little humor to get their message across that gambling can get a little out of hand. The fact that much research that's been done on the subject leads them to believe that most 18 to 24 year old males simply don't listen to more traditional warnings, they've decided humor is the way forward and have developed the I Lost a Bet campaign.

A series of ads have been created that show men in various awkward situations such as having a kitten tattoo, dancing on chairs and wearing less than masculine tank tops, and can be seen on TV, billboards and the website. Once on the website visitors are encouraged to share by posting on Facebook and tweeting and they'll get a free t-shirt for getting involved. The site also allows people to send anonymous emails to others warning of the dangers of over doing things where gambling is concerned, and those behind the project feel that by using humor combined with a social network sharing approach, that the message will get across that gambling can be problematic for younger men too. It's a different approach and it's good to see that the age old message of 'stop it' has been changed up a little.

Here at Web Wager we applaud all efforts to prevent problem gambling and truly believe that gambling should be seen as purely entertainment. Our message to people who feel that they may have a problem is to speak to someone about it and don't just hide away hoping things will improve. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, don't go chasing lost cash with bigger bets and know your limits.