The NFL Playoff Picture is Complete

The NFL 2014 regular season drew to a close on Sunday December 28th and the playoff picture is set as the journey toward Super Bowl XLIX continues. The twenty teams that didn’t make the grade head off home, while the twelve that did will all need to put in at least another shift. There are of course 4 teams that have earned a first round bye and the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos all get to put their feet up, lucky for some.

There are however 8 teams that will need to battle it out next weekend and the details of the NFL Wild Card Weekend are..

Saturday Jan 3rd
  • NFC - 4.35pm - Arizona at Carolina
  • AFC - 8.15pm - Baltimore at Pittsburgh

Sunday Jan 4th
  • AFC - 1.05pm - Cincinnati at Indianapolis
  • NFC - 4.40pm - Detroit at Dallas

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Saturday Jan 10th
  • AFC - 4.35pm - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis at New England
  • NFC - 8.15pm - Detroit, Carolina, Arizona at Seattle

Sunday Jan 11th
  • NFC - 1.05pm - Dallas, Carolina, Arizona at Green Bay
  • AFC - 4.40pm - Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cincinnati at Denver

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