Nitrogen SportsBook

Nitrogen Sports betting was one of the first books to offer online anonymous bitcoin betting to its users. While it's true that many other sportsbooks now give their members the ability to bet with bitcoin, most of them still require valid account information (name, address, etc.) to originally sign up. Nitrogen truly is anonymous.

How that anonymity works is that new members simply need to create a username and a password to begin depositing bitcoin into your account and start wagering. This is perhaps the best way to wager on sports for U.S players still feeling the sting and unreal regulations stemming from the ban on Internet gaming from back in 2006.

How to Manage Bitcoin from Nitrogen Sportsbook

The Nitrogen Sportsbook has to involve just how a user manages their bitcoin surplus. There are always some risks associated with having a truly anonymous account and some initial visitors of Nitrogen assumed they were just going to pack up and leave one day. Obviously, that's not the best business plan for long term profit. Plus, Nitrogen has been in operation since 2012 and even became the first bitcoin-only sportsbook to be evaluated by the commendable Sportsbook Review.

Sending and receiving bitcoin deposits through Nitrogen is incredibly easy. In the cashier section of Nitrogen Sports is a very simple user interface with only one button used to create a bitcoin address and subsequently withdraw and deposit. This is especially helpful for U.S players who may be new to bitcoin, creating addresses, using online wallets, etc.

Specifics for U.S Players

In order to send bitcoin to any online gambling sites, U.S players first need to create an account at an online wallet. Coinbase, for example, is a very popular option. Unfortunately, since Coinbase operates with USD they still can review your account and close it if you are suspected of gambling. Nitrogen Sports offers numerous workarounds by giving users the chance to change their bitcoin address up to five times a day. Not only that, the sportsbook provides a bitcoin transfer service in their cashier page so that you can first send your winnings to a friend or second account - a very reliable service for U.S bettors.

Nitrogen Betting Options

For many players in the U.S, the first obstacle to overcome is actually getting the money into an online wagering site. After that is successful, however, finding a go-to book relies on what sports and betting options are offered.

One of the things to take into account about Nitrogen Sportsbook is that they are constantly evolving. For example, at the inception of the site, there was no live betting option available. Nitrogen listened to customer feedback and slowly rolled out NFL in-play betting. Now the site offers live play betting for almost any event that is happening worldwide.

All of the major U.S sports are available to wager on via the Nitrogen Sportsbook. Beyond the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL are multiple betting options for Nascar, MMA, and golf. International sports wagering is also provided for example the English Premier League, Aussie Rules, Cricket, and many more. A poker room and a casino are also available for when users want to take a bit of a break from sports or while waiting for the next game to start.

Other Nitrogen Sportsbook Information

Betting limits can be considered somewhat low at Nitrogen Sports, at least compared to some of the other books in the industry (mostly eWallet and CC providers, however). Many American sports open with a 2BTC betting maximum, which can be roughly $840 depending on the bitcoin market at the time. One thing to note though is that Nitrogen typically lifts their limits closer to the beginning of a game and go as high as 10BTC ($4,200) as tip-off, kick-off, or first pitch approach.

Withdrawals are fast via Nitrogen because they do not involve human review. Larger payouts will need to be confirmed but another nice option with the book is that there are no withdrawal limits per week. This is another great benefit of betting with bitcoin for U.S players.

All in all, Nitrogen Sportsbook is one of the premier online sports betting sites on the net. Their reputation as an early site that pivoted to bitcoin-only betting and their dedication to creating an entirely anonymous - yet safe - sportsbook makes it a great wagering spot for American bettors looking for some action.